Tuesday To-Do #17: Computer Woes

I'm back!

Oh alright, you didn't even notice I was gone but
I was without my computer for a whole week.
(Oh, the humanity!)
The problem is now resolved and I got a nice
wake-up call to spend more time away from it.
(Always look for the icing!)

In the meantime, I've been spending lots of time
working outside and trying to soak up the outdoors
before it gets too hot.  Let's hit the list:

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Finish quilting.
Didn't make this happen at all.

Lattice Quilt
Finish blocks 
All 27 blocks are now sewn into 3 quilts.

This design just wasn't working for me plus,
the strips weren't lining up too well.

I now have it into three 36X36 tops instead of
just the one large.  With a 3-inch(ish) border,
 they should be nicely-sized charity baby quilts.
I'm just hoping the quilting will bring the
design together better--at least for my eye!

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.
It has been too windy and mostly too cold.

I did do some outdoor blogging--does that count?

Finish straightening fences; start on mulch process.
A great start on the mulch; just a little
completed on the fence-straightening.

Above, the finished "ratatouille garden," also with
all tomatoes caged.  And, under all of that:

I can't seem to get my hands on large amounts of
newspaper these days so I've started using cardboard.
(Little or no print, plastic packaging tape removed.)
This has greatly reduced the trips to the recycling bin
 and it's great for the soil.  And because tomato plants
should not get wet, under all of it is a soaker hose.
(This protects the hose from the damaging sun.) 
This whole process may seem like a lot of work
but oh my goodness, weed-free summers are...
Look, I can't even put a word to it.

A little note about the Ratatouille Garden:

A few years ago, I spent some time perfecting a
ratatouille recipe.  I am not a big fan of eggplant
and I find squash to be just okay in small amounts
but these guys come together in this dish so well! 
We've come to love it so much that I now devote
an entire garden to it:  yellow squash, zucchini,
eggplant and tomatoes.  As part of my cutting-back
efforts, this year all of the tomatoes went into the
ratatouille garden, not just the few I use in my recipe. 

In the week to come:

Time in the Attic 
(Nine-Patch Hourglass)
Finish quilting

Lattice Trio Charity Quilts
Get borders on; make backings.

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.

Work on weeds, fence and mulch.

Next week will hopefully be more productive
and maybe I"ll even have new project plans?

Happy quilting!
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Love that you are making crib quilts with the lattice blocks! They will be wonderful!!! Your garden looks wonderful!
Vicki in MN said…
I always find the first 2 weeks are the hardest whenever I am without my computer, withdrawls you know! I should try the cardboard in the garden this year. We can't plant yet, frost happening to often. Planted 3 flower pots and I have to cover them to often.
Linda said…
Your garden is wonderful! When we lived on our acreage I tried cardboard one year on the paths between my plants, and it worked great for the weeds. If we can ever get a real garden going here in north TX I will remember to use the cardboard.
Love the lattice quilts!
Deb said…
I only garden small now, but growing up , loved the mulching to keep the weeks down. Love your outdoor sewing space!
And when one quilt turns into three, just go with the flow. Really enjoyed your blog!
Stay safe and sew on !
Needled Mom said…
There are definitely benefits to being without a computer. It’s hard to not be looking something up like we can usually do, but awesome in what else gets done!
grammajudyb said…
I may be headed down your path soon. My computer needs to be upgraded. Don’t tell....I’m still running Windows 7! Yikes! I’m sure it will be a learning curve when I do take the leap.
Glad you got a new computer, but also glad you figured out how to enjoy the time away as well! I love that lattice design, but it would be frustrating to not have seams lining up like you want them to. Three smaller quilts for donation sound like a good solution!
Rebecca Grace said…
Ah, the AGONY of computer deprivation in the modern age! I feel for you!! Glad you're reconnected now! And I'm a little envious of your laptop out there in the garden. I do like your scrappy woven quilt layout. Those will make lovely donation quilts; so cheerful and fun!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! OMG. What a fabulous idea, using cardboard underneath your tomato plants. AND a soaker hose, too?!!! Brilliant. Now I only put in four plants along with three green pepper plants - nothing nearly as big and elaborate as yours but it is still a brilliant idea worthy of many kudos. I've made two versions of the Lattice quilt and I wasn't thrilled with the process. I like the look of it but not the pattern I followed. Good for you for making three baby quilts out of the blocks. The recipients will be thrilled! Sorry about the computer issue - it is like being without your right arm at first. ~smile~ Roseanne
I have a desktop computer and 2 laptops (one ancient, and one new). I don't want to be without a computer. It's bad enough when the internet goes down (usually when I've just sat down to eat breakfast at my computer before I have to go to work). If I had a watch, I'd be ok without a phone, but I would miss my computer (way too much time on it). Glad you got yours back and working. My son is planting a few veggies this year (nope, I still only grow dust and dog fur). As long as I stay away from the plants, they should grow (I hope).
chrisknits said…
What adorable tops and such cute baby quilts they will make! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!
piecefulwendy said…
Glad your computer woes and withdrawals are over (I hope?). Those three lattice baby quilts will be great donation quilts! I never think to try sewing outdoors - I mostly nap, in the sun. LOL
Bonnie said…
Yuck... no computer? But you must have a cell phone and a tablet maybe? I just need to remember to keep my devices charged. We had a power outage the other day and most of my devices were at about 30%. Luckily it was close to bedtime so I didn't run them dry. Good luck with your goals. Hum, outdoor sewing? Do you do handwork or take out a small machine? And, OOOH I really like your little May hanger from your last post. Is it your design or a pattern? And is it about 12"? Just curious because I have a little hanger similar to that and I really don't have much to put on it. Thanks for any info.