01 May 2021

May Monthly Goal

Have you ever surprised anyone with a May basket?
Does anyone even know about that tradition anymore?

It has been years since I've done it but I have had
some great fun surprising people by hanging a little
basket of goodies on their door.  As far as I know, some
recipients still have no idea who left them!  Most years,
however, May sneaks up on me and I find myself
vowing, "Next year, I'll remember in time!"  And yes,
that is exactly what I'm saying today:  "Next year!"

At least I can still get my quilting goal in for May. 
This month I want to finish the quilting on
"Time in the Attic" along with binding
and labeling it for a full-on completion.

I'll also be working on what was to be a lattice quilt.
It's been a bear from the get-go, I've decided that 
maybe it (and I) would be happier if it were made
into 3 charity baby quilts (9 blocks each).

Side note:  My laptop will be in for repairs
(charging port not working) so will be taking
at least a few days off--hopefully not too long!

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Frédérique said...

Good luck with your goals (and your computer), your lattice quilt is very pretty!

piecefulwendy said...

I have every confidence you'll meet these goals! Will be fun to watch your progress!

Astrid said...

Pretty quilts. Good luck on your goals. Never heard of 'May Basket'. As far as I know it's never been a tradition in Norway (where I'm from) or in Mauritius. Do you know from where it originates?

Linda said...

Love that lattice, even if it has been a bear!

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, I remember those May Day baskets from when I was little! I wonder where that tradition came from? I suppose if you REALLY wanted to remember for next year, you could set it up in your digital calendar as a recurring annual appointment with a reminder a day or two before. It's a good thing my "smartphone" is so much smarter than I am, or I wouldn't remember anything!

chrisknits said...

Sorry to hear the bear is winning! But I think baby quilts would be adorable! Good luck with your plans for this week.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry about the computer problems. Never fun. Yes, if you don't like making the blocks, then use them for baby quilts.

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