2021 Tuesday To-Do #19

I think I'd be completely safe in saying that 90%
of our days have been cloudy and rainy.  It's great
not having the a/c on and it sure makes weeding
more enjoyable but we'd really like to get into
that pool. And I'm usually completely tan by now.
Saturday we woke up to 48 degrees.  Forty-eight
Honestly, it felt great but please!
It's June!  C'mon sun!

There are lots of things to brag about (tee hee!)
share today so grab a cuppa and I'll kick things
off with the to-do check:

Time in the Attic
Bind, label, finish

This one finished up at 76x64.

The one bonus about all these clouds is that
you don't have to wait long to get appropriate
lighting for a photo shoot.

With the attic theme, I thought a few old
books made a good prop.

And a few old spools of silk thread.
(Don't you just love wooden spools?)

I love using up extra pieces on the back
not only because it's fun but also well, frankly,
I'll never use them on anything else.

So why not keep 'em with the project
they were made for?

My May monthly goal:  complete!

West Point Quilt #2
Pull fabrics
I did do this but I wasn't getting a good feel for any
of it so I nixed it yet again.   I really want need my
next project to be fun.

Lattice Trio Charity Quilts
Quilt, bind, finish
Yes, the quilting helped pull the design together a little.

This is also another one of those times where
they really do look better in person but I think
the above close-up is a fairly good indicator.

May turned out to be a good month for finishes!

All three are getting shipped off to Jack's Basket.

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.
Oh my gosh, will this ever happen?
YES.  Timing.  It's all about timing...

Four (small size) in patriotic theme
No start here but I've started on some different
placemats so just stay tuned...

Weed and put down barrier/mulch--Done!
Fix remaining fences--Done.
Even with all the rain, I have the last two gardens
weeded, cardboard layered and mulch down so I can
now enjoy a much lower-maintenance period until
the pumpkins and gourds go in, which is just
a month away already.  That's just nuts!

And yet I openly admit my quilty-thoughts have
turned to fall more than once...and maybe even
a little bit to winter.

Here's the left half of my garden, all tended to.
The center-right there partially pictured is waiting for
fall crops; right bottom is the new (second) strawberry
patch to match the one on the left with Mr. Gnome;
top right corner also goes off the pic but it's this one:


The fences around each garden have all been re-done
so I've finally been able to let the chickens out again.

As part of my cutting-back efforts, this particular
garden has been left empty so the chickens have
made it their favorite spot for a dirt-bath.  They're
doing me a favor, really, by keeping the soil loose.
I'm so happy to have them back on bug and weed
patrol; the cost of feeding them goes way down
when they can roam around.  

Random "harvest pic".
Bringing all this in makes the hard work worth it.
The rain and lack of sun slows the asparagus down
but that's actually helpful when we've had so much.
On the flip side, it makes the radishes grow way too
fast and they'll even burst/split.  


Just so much love coming from the garden right now.

The strawberries are are getting bigger and more plentiful.
I've picked over a gallon each of the last couple pickings.
Yes--picking strawberries by the gallon!
Life is good in the garden!

Yellow squash

So we are blessed with the farm-to-table flavor a lot but
I'm no professional chef and goodness knows I love to
be treated by one so off we went to a local restaurant
who does it up right:  Elderslie Farm.  Check 'em out!
Anyway, while there, we were introduced to "Fremont"
beans.  Now, I'm a legume person.  Love them.
They're like little protein power pills.  And besides,
stocking up on them makes me feel all pioneer-ish
and ready for the zombie apocalypse all at once.
(Dried, that is; I avoid canned food as much as poss.)

(source:  Elderslie Farm)

Anyway, these huge, rare beans were part of a dish that, 
along with their storytouched the inner-foodie in me.
 (So well-designed:  just as you were finishing it up,
the thin crouton slices had soaked up the creamy
yumminess so you didn't have to scrape your bowl
embarrassingly--because you would have, you know.
It was that good.  But, I digress...)
Anyway,  I had to have them.  The only place I could
find Fremonts is right here in good ol' Kansas of USA.
Which makes sense because Elderslie only uses what
they've grown, or locally sourced.  I also discovered that
they have double the protein of most beans which fits
in well with my super-healthy eating right now.

So, you know what the gardener-foodie in me did?
I ordered some of those puppies right up and then
popped a handful in the garden.  Then I waited.
I watched...I waited some more....and just when I
started to feel the disappointment, up they came!

Aw, there they are and look at 'em go!
Now I wait even more to see how they grow and
how well they produce.  I'm a little worried they'll
want to climb but I do have trellises I can slip in.

Okay, enough of my to-do's, huh?

Now on to the exciting news!
Remember the two baby quilts I was working on
a couple months ago?  When I couldn't decide
on which challenge fabric to use so I just did both!?

The contest generated 100 quilts for their charity!
And out of 100, guess whose quilt took First Place?!?

 That's right!  Pinwheel Circus was the big winner!
I wasn't really sure it was good enough to place so
I've been trying to figure out what the judges liked.

Some of the animals in the theme fabric are holding
pinwheels so my best guess is that my use of their
fabric might have been a strong contributing factor.

I may never know for certain but I am looking
forward to next year's contest...and to spending
my prize at the quilt shop!  What shall I buy?!?

Other exciting news: both sons made it home!

Son 1 was goofing for the camera. cadet-son 2
was just happy to be home (clearly!).  Then the
Cinco de Mother's Memorial Day celebration
happened...and of course, I took no pics.  None,
other than a couple food-prep pics.
It turns out that when you're very used to a
quiet house, and suddenly everyone is in the
house, you kinda can't think well.
C'est la vie.

I started out making Piña Colada Bars per hub's
request, but one of my dd's does not like coconut
so of course I also made Strawberry Margarita Bars.
This required picking some fresh strawberries.
And grabbing some fresh eggs.  It floats my boat
to cook with super-fresh ingredients.
And by that I mean minutes-old fresh.

Meanwhile, the piña coloda ones came out of
the oven which made the Teddy Grahams
(treats for the grandkids) want to hit the beach...

...and then the hot tub.
Clearly playing with food floats my boat, too.
It's no wonder it takes so long to bake these days.

On to next week's list:

1) Stop everything.  It's QAL time!
Lots of you are joining the Positivity Quilt Along by
Sew Preeti Quilts and I don't want to be left out so
count me in.  My rule here is to keep it to the stash.
(That fabric tracking is really keeping me motivated!)
I'm thinking of a gray/rust kinda theme but I haven't
quite gotten anything pulled...yet.
 I'm anxious to see what everyone else's plans are!

2) HST

I'm supposed to be making a runner to match this
spring quilt on my bed but if I don't hurry up and get
on this one, I won't even need it.  I know I just said
"stop everything" for the QAL but I need to find some
time to squeeze this in!

3) Placemats
Patriotic AND my latest squirrel ones.

4) Gardening
Keep eyes out for weeds in the asparagus patch.
Time to start pruning tomatoes and peppers.
Keep enjoying the bounty!

And that's it.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend
and took the time to remember all of those who have
fought to keep this country free.  At the bottom of my
sidebar on the right, I have a prayer for our military if
you would like to join me in saying it daily, or just
whenever you visit my blog...or even just for today.
And maybe put a QOV on your to-do list?

Now, no one tell the cadet I posted his pic but
how cool is West Point's parade uniform!?

Well, on to the easy days of almost-summer!
I hope your week ahead looks as fun as mine!
Happy quilting!


Vicki in MN said…
Congrats on getting first place! Your boys are so handsome:)
Your garden photos are always so gorgeous!
chrisknits said…
Girl your post is jam packed with goodness!!! I love your Attic quilt, kudos on the win!!! and good luck with the quilting, garden, and family time! Thanks for linking up with a late To-Do.
Joyful Quilter said…
Congrats on winning the challenge quilt first prize! They chose wisely.

You have one of the neatest, organized vegetable garden I've ever seen.

Those are some handsome guys you are hanging out with. Hope you get to spend lots of time with family this summer.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! WOWEE! This is one post filled to the brim with goodness. That last picture of your son - oh, so cool! They are both handsome and how nice was it to have them both at home together?!! The Pina Colada bars look so yummy. If I were a Teddy Graham, I'd jump on top of it, too. Time in the Attic turned out great and I love those unexpected extra pieces on the backing! Great job. ~smile~ Roseanne
Your garden photos are just luscious! It sounds wonderful to have all that fresh food. I'm a small-scale gardener, but still enjoy what I can grow. I think your lattice quilts are perfect in baby size and will be loved by the families who get them!
grammajudyb said…
I love the Time in the attic quilt and the lattice baby quilts. Your garden is amazing. I’m a tiny bit jealous but mostly know I could never do all the work involved! How proud you must be of both sons! Glad they were able to be home at the same time.
piecefulwendy said…
I know I read this post, I recognize some of it - LOL. Definitely must've been post-dental visit or something. It was a good re-read! Yippee for the contest win, and for the guys being home! I'm a little envious of those graham bears chillin' under that umbrella!