Tuesday To-Do #9/Wednesday Wait Loss

I'm not Irish but I every March I squeeze as many
Irish meals into the menu as I can because
wow--they have some yummy food!
No wonder they're so happy!  
Hubs and I had a great visit to Ireland years ago
and found everyone to be so friendly and fun!

I'm still focusing on healthy eating but I've been
relaxing that a bit on Sundays.
This week, I made colcannon, one of my favorite
Irish dishes.  I'm linking up the recipe from
Closet Cooking but I just use the colcannon part.
We've tried the Guinness gravy but prefer the
colcannon without it.  He also has a great recipe for
Guinness Chocolate Pudding!  I'm not a fan of the
dark stout but the hubs is, and so we visited the
brewery where I was a good sport and enjoyed
a pint with him up there on the 7th floor.
In truth I enjoyed the amazing 360' view of Dublin
and the country beyond more but there is something
about Guinness and chocolate that speaks to me.
So, I love this pudding and we'll be having it next
Sunday when we share a Steak and Ale Pie
with our daughter and her family in celebration
of St. Patrick's Day and all things Irish.

Enough of the memories and food...
How did everyone do this week?

To stick to my stash-only rule, I had to nix adding
borders.  I still had to run a 12" strip of the dotted
background fabric in the backing to make it work
but I used up all but scraps of the fabrics so that
makes me happy.

I didn't get a finished-top pic but here
she is all loaded up and ready for quilting.

Latest scrap HST project
Runner and accent pillow
Started trimming this batch of HSTs.

Baby Quilts
Still working on top #1.

I got as far as I could here but then decided
my stash was of no more help.  Hopefully the
LQS will have a fabric to use for the last set
of pinwheels. 

Garden Path Mystery Quilt

I don't really like the flower in the corners
on the original so I'm trying to come up with
something else...or I'll just make life easy
and put a block of the theme fabric there.

Veg & Herb Gardens
Purchased seeds, bulbs, tubers etc.
I've also gotten a lot of yard clean-up done.
The garlic that went in last fall is poking through.  

Fabric Tracking:

Slowly working toward that negative!

In the week to come:

Work on quilting.

Baby quilts
Finish first and start on second top.

Any progress.

Depending on the weather, get onions and
shallots planted and cut up seed potatoes.

Happy quilting!

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Just use another pinwheel in the corners instead of the flower block. We had corned beef and cabbage Sunday night (leftovers tonight). If I buy the lean cut of meat, it easily fits into my diet, calorie wise.
Congratulations on getting the snowflakes up to quilting stage! Love the baby quilt, too. It sounds like you're getting to the busy season for your garden!
grammajudyb said…
Such a cute baby quilt! Happy happy colors! I’m envious of your gardening! Way too early for us! Snow is predicting again this week! We don’t plant until after Mother’s Day! Except maybe radishes, lettuce etc if we get some warm weather to work the soil,
Linda said…
Impressive progress on your beautiful Snowflakes. I admire your sticking to your guns about stash only. You just reminded me I need to add my gardening goals to my To-Do list! Headed to do that right now.
Sharon Kwilter said…
Your snowflake quilt turned out great, as did your Garden Path Mystery Quilt. Nicely done.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Gosh, Snowflakes looks great all ready to be quilted. I'm thrilled to hear you are still plugging along on the extra or leftover HSTs. Your baby quilt is so fun! I love pinwheels and those turquoise dots just call me in. Yowza! You can plant already?! Yum to onions and potatoes - I remember planting both crops with my dad - crops as if we had a few acres. We were in the city . . . but those were lifetime memories and skills. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
piecefulwendy said…
Sewing, cooking, planting - you've got it all going on there! I have to check out those recipes. I'm not a fan of stout, but if I were in Ireland, I'd definitely check out Guinness! Sounds like a fun trip.
Anonymous said…
Those are all great quilts. I love the colors on the baby quilt. So bright and happy!
Your quilts are looking GREAT! Thanks for the recipe tips!
Anne-Marie said…
Quilts look great! Is it time to start planting the garden already? I think we have a few weeks here before I can start, but did get all the flower gardens cleaned up. Am I reading your spreadsheet correctly--you only have 16 yards of stash? Well done!
chrisknits said…
Love the Snowflake top!! It will be such a wonderful quilt. Good luck with your weekly goals! Off to look at that recipe.
Such lovely projects! That Snowflake top really catches me eye, as does the baby quilt in progress. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss. I'm off to check out your Irish recipes. Being Irish myself, I have to see what's cooking for St. Patricks Day!
Deb said…
I wonder if pot roast is Irish? I will take my red hair and find out!
Thank you for sharing your lovely work! You inspire me to do more! Stay safe and sew on !