Tuesday To-Do #12: Finishing Up in March

There is a big up-side of working
on three quilts at once:
the satisfaction of finishing all three at once!
They've been hanging out in my to-do lists way
too long but I'm finally checking them all off.
Thank goodness because I'm pretty sure
you're all tired of seeing them, too.
(I'll try not to do that again!)

Label and bind / completely finish.

Christmas Flurries (71x71)

Charity Baby Quilts
Label and bind both; submit.

With the addition of the top and bottom
borders in the required theme fabric,
Pinwheel Circus finished up at 36x43.

Written In the Stars also had a size requirement
issue but, after some panic, it finished up at 38x42.

Originally, I had another quilt planned for this theme
fabric and, while I switched over to this one, the
 measurements of the other quilt stayed in my head...
till I pulled this off the frame and measured it.

Luckily I hadn't trimmed the top and bottom yet and
there was enough batting and backing to allow me
to add in a strip of the background fabric to both the
top and bottom using the "quilt as you go method".
It worked in perfectly, as if part of the plan, and
I think it actually adds a nice touch of modern so
let's just say it was part of the plan all along.

Both were turned in last Friday--early.  Winning the
contest would be nice but my goal with these two
quilts was to work toward a major quilting objective
for the year:  lots of donations.  I have no idea what
 "lots" really is but it's already one more than 2020!

No progress.


We got a lot more rain but it's starting to dry up now
so maybe I can get back to work out there soon.
The onions are coming up and I expect to see the
potatoes poking through any day.  And asparagus!

Fabric Tracking
Time to fess up and admit that I've been buying fabric again.

After my initial buying frenzy, I've been (sort of) working
on restraintGetting 3 quilts and lots of small projects
made, I was down to a +9 on my purchase v. usage
and was feeling good about the direction I was going.
Well that lasted about a day.  And worse (in my mind),
the latest frenzy is mostly precuts.  But, whatever.
(You should see the deals I got!)

The good news is (besides new fabric--duh!):
I've already started using it so my report doesn't
look quite as bad as all that.  It's still not great
but, no worries!  The year is young!

Some fabric tracking housekeeping:
My weeks coincide with these Tuesday to-do lists.
I've added dates in parenthesis because that kind
of week is super-confusing; descriptions are helping
me keep straight what I've logged and when.  This
whole thing is a work in progress.  My goal is
 just end the year in the negative.

Looking ahead
Holy Week is the most important time of the year
for us, especially the Triduum so I hesitate to
make a to-do list that might just be a distraction.

Windham's "General Store"

Outside of all that takes place this special week,
I think I'll still get a little done on my new project
using the layer cake I just bought.  The poor thing
didn't even get to sit on the shelf to be admired.
I was just so ready for easy, mindless-sewing.
A pre-cut to the rescue!  I complain about them
but there's really more love than hate there.
More on that emerging project next Tuesday.
(I'll be skipping my Thursday post this week.)

Have a very blessed Holy Week and
may joy fill your hearts this Easter!
Happy quilting!

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Ivani said…
Beautiful quilts! Baby circus is so cute.
I never get tired of looking at your quilt projects - they're always beautiful! And your consistent progress and finishing is something to be admired, too! It will be fun to see what your layer cake project is. Have a great week!
Love your projects! Why would you think we would not want to see them! You are my inspiration! Have a safe and happy week!
Bonnie said…
What a great save on Written in Stars. And, yes, it does look like the add ons should have been there a along. I think Baby Circus is really fun. (I like to make my charity quilts small enough to fit on one length of fabric too.) Wow! Christmas Flurries is wonderful. Yea for 3 finishes in a week. Lots of great eye candy. So, don't be too hard on yourself for fabric purchases. Sometimes you just need to buy. I'm about to make a few more purchases -- I'm forever running out of neutrals (or I don't have the right amount) and wide backs. (I hate to sew backing together.) I hope you have a great week. Happy Easter.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, I love all three quilts, but that last one is really beautiful! I love the design, but also the happy colors you chose.
Wow, wow wow (triple wow!) your quilts are beautiful, and so exciting to have them finished! Enjoy your week!
Anonymous said…
All of these quilts are gorgeous!

Three beautiful quilts finished!!! Wow! Great job! Happy Easter!!!!!
chrisknits said…
We would never tire of the beauty you create! Kudos for having such big finishes back to back! And yippee for fabric purchases!! I have put in and removed more fabric from online baskets this week than ever before. The urge to buy is soooo real! But I need backings more than anything, so some tops will go shopping with me today to see what I can find. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!
Mary said…
All three quilts are great. I especially like the Snowflake one. And I loved your tip for adding a border after quilting using quilt as you go.
CONGRATS TO YOU! All of your quilts are beautiful - but you know I love the Snowflakes! Hugs
Such lovely finishes that it's easy to forgive any fabric purchases. And as you say, you are already using the new fabric so it hardly counts at all! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.
Marti said…
You have outdone yourself. All three quilts are gorgeous!
Yea, the top quilt looks great!