Needle and Thread Thursday #7

 I'm quickly checking in to link up to
how things are going on the charity baby quilts.

First, a finish!

I hit a big glitch on Written in the Stars that set
me back a few hours.  Funnily enough though,
I think it adds to the look.  I'll post more about that
 next Tuesday but for now, note the strips at the
top and bottom--these were added after I quilted
the entire body of it. 

 Don't zoom in too much on that straight-line quilting.
It's easy enough to keep straight but I was frustrated
and just trying to get it done so I rushed it.  Sigh.
Don't do that.

But I do love how the quilting turned out.

This was my first time using this pantograph and it
might now be my favorite.  I enjoyed it so much
that I just used it on both quilts.
(I originally had other ideas.)

Pinwheel Circus is just an hour away from being
a finish as well.   (It looks a little wonky above but
it's not.)   Once I complete this post, I'm getting
the binding on.  It's already trimmed and the
binding and label are both made.

I'll then be packing them up to turn in to the
charity drive/contest.  I'm not concerned about
winning but I do want to turn in quilts that I can
be happy with--aka, not projects that are just
thrown together.  Mission complete!

Happy quilting!


chrisknits said…
They are adorable!!! Great job on both. I finished a charity quilt yesterday that just didn't want to work right. I kept getting my sandwich wonky so the lines overlapped or were too far spaced. I have a small frame that doesn't roll the layers, you clamp the sandwich on. I thought I had a good system for keeping it all straight, but I am back to the drawing board!
LOVE this quilt, Cheree!!
Joyful Quilter said…
Both quilts turned out adorable! The fabrics and colors fit each pattern perfectly. I'd have a hard time giving them away.
piecefulwendy said…
They both look good! (I'm giggling a bit about your straight lines - welcome to my world - LOL)
Linda said…
I love Written in the Stars - such pretty colors and quilting. And the pinwheel quilt looks great. Nice quilting!
Vicki in MN said…
That star quilt just sparkles!! And the pinwheel is just plain fun:)
Needled Mom said…
They both turned out so well. Cant wait to hear the story of the added borders.
Rebecca Grace said…
Both of these quilts are so pretty, Cheree, and the straight line quilted borders at the top and bottom of the star quilt snagged my attention IMMEDIATELY -- before I read the text, I was storing that idea away for later because I have seen quilts with E2E or panto inside the patchwork borders and a different design quilted in the border a zillion times, but this is the first time I've seen an allover quilting design with a framing effect achieved by the quilting where there wasn't a pieced boundary. You know we're all dying to know how that came about, you Woman of Mystery, you!!
Aby Dolinger said…
My daughter and I LOVE the blue and yellow quilt. Is this an original design, or is there a pattern we can purchase? Did you use a particular fabric line? Kudos to you for a gorgeous quilt