Needle and Thread Thursday #6: Update on Baby Quilts

Today I'm linking up to NIT Thursday to share
my progress on the two charity baby quilts.

If you came by on Tuesday, you've already
seen my first finished top.  More on how
that finished up here.

With the second quilt, I struggled a bit with fabric
selection. In my mind some of the colors in the
theme fabric just don't play well together,
especially when singled out.   Yellow and navy
were easy enough but I needed that third color.

Navy, yellow and....what?
Well, hey, nothing like pushing a comfort zone.
I hit a sort-of local quilt shop and brought home
three different fabrics to audition.  Not one was
a perfect fit but someone had to get the part.
I immediately set aside the green but I struggled
with two different blues.  I made trial pieces.
I asked opinions.  And then I slept on it.

A wise, older friend would often use
the phrase, "just punt!" when I was struggling
with a decision.  I think she would be amused
to know how often I think that phrase to myself.
After all the deliberation, I heard her once again
saying "Oh, just punt" so in the morning, I did.  
I think it worked.

These rows will go together in no time today.
Then I'll get back to quilting the Snowflake
quilt--this time until it's done so these two
charity quilts can get submitted on time!

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
The second quilt looks great - good punt! I really like the pattern (downloaded it already).
Such lovely projects! I love both of the star pieces! I'll remember just punt!!! :D
Have a safe and lovely week!
love your stars and I always like yellow and blue together
Needled Mom said…
Your punt scored a touchdown. It works beautifully.
chrisknits said…
Sometimes we worry too much about color match, when the colors don't really match, it's better to use the one that matches the "tone" of the others. Tone can be brightness, the presence of white vs gray, or value, the brightness of the color. What you have on display looks perfect to me!
Deb said…
Spring certainly seems like baby quilt time!
They are beautiful!
piecefulwendy said…
I definitely think it worked! Both quilts look great!
So cute! I would've said green, but obviously you know best for your quilt!!! Did you know there's a month long link for baby quilts?!
Kate said…
Very fun and bright quilts. Very successful punt.