11 March 2021

Needle and Thread #5

 A quick check in this morning to see how the
first of my two baby quilts is shaping up.

I really prefer the softer look without the red
but I was out of color options so red it is.
Today I'll be adding the last row and then make
the decision on using the red in the binding.

The snowflakes are on the long arm and waiting
for me to just get started.  If the baby quilts are
going to be turned in on time, I'll need to jump
in on this soon to make room for those.

We have a long stretch of rainy days starting
tonight so I've been pushing things out in the
not-really-ready garden.  Yesterday the onions
and shallots went in; today it will be the potatoes.
I generally put them in on/near St. Patrick's Day
but with the rain...well, it's always a game but, as
the daughter of a farmer who always got his crops
in on time--or early--this is the way I will play it.
If a freeze hits later I'll be out there covering those
potatoes but for the next couple weeks, I'll be snug
in the sewing room watching the rain and my quilts
 go together with no worry about getting the
early veggies in on time!

* * *
I continue to struggle to get an image from my posts
into this particular link-up.  Any image I upload is
said to be too big; when I pull from my post, I only
get one or two options (generally a button or image
that has nothing to do with my post).  I have tried
all possible selections when linking in and nothing
is working.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to
hear them!

Happy quilting!
Linking up to NIT Thursday


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I only know one solution to computer issues...turn it completely off and after a minute turn it back on. That works sometimes.
Meanwhile, so envious of you working in the ground already. I'm overjoyed here that I don't need my wool hat and the snow is melting.
Beautiful quilts as always. Happy Planting!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love the pops of red in the quilt. Have you checked to see what size you are using when you download your photos? That could be the problem.

piecefulwendy said...

On the linky, are you selecting "auto crop" and from the Web? If that doesn't work, have you clicked on the link at the very bottom where it says "If you need help getting your image linked up (or something like that). I like the baby quilt, and yippee for the quilt loaded and ready for quilting. I've been finishing small UFOs - I know, I'm surprised too!

Linda said...

I absolutely love that baby quilt, and I think the red looks wonderful in it. On uploading a photo, you might try saving the photo that you are wanting to add to your desktop. This will save it as a .jpg. You can right click on it and open with "Paint". Once in Paint, you can resize it by percentage or in pixels, if the linky shows a pixel requirement. Be sure and check "maintain aspect ratio" or your photo won't look right. Click OK, then you can save it back to your desktop and hopefully upload it to your linky.
I sometimes have trouble with some of the linky parties. Seems like all of them have different requirements. Good luck!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Love the Baby quilts and VERY impressed with your Snowflakes. Hugs

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