March Monthly Goal

 March is looking to be pretty busy in the
sewing room so it's a little hard for me
to pick just one goal for the month.  

Clearly my next step is to finish up the
snowflake quilt.  But I also have those baby quilts
to start and complete by the end of the month if
I'm to enter them into the competition (for charity)
so they have to be my biggest focus.

My goal for March will be to make both of
the baby quilts using these fabrics:

There is a chance I'll change my mind yet but 
I have these two quilts (or variations of) by
Fort Worth Fabric Studio in mind so far:

Summer Picnic

Check out other everyone's plans at
and good luck to all participating.

Happy quilting!


chrisknits said…
Those quilts will be adorable! Good luck with your plans.
Sharon Kwilter said…
I really like the Garden Path quilt.
piecefulwendy said…
I think you'll easily make your goals this month - fun quilts!