January Monthly Goal--And Bonus

My January monthly goal was to completely
finish the Pine Tree Lane quilt. 

Mission accomplished.
(74 X 86)

This quilt really exceeded my expectations!
My fabric selection turned out to be better than
I thought (because I was a wee bit worried), the
top was even more fun to sew up than it looks,
and I just couldn't be happier with what the
snowflake quilting design does for it.

I really liked the bright, fun fabrics used in the original
but it turns out that my use of more traditional ones
(I wanted to pull only from my stash)
kept it from being a Christmas-only quilt.
Now I can leave it out all winter long.

I also set a bonus goal for extra motivation.
And now my Pumpkin Patch quilt is finished, too!
(52 X 63)

I had planned on slipping this in also as a 2020
finish (as I did the Pines) but it's now so far into
the new year that I'd better just make it the first
quilt of 2021 (aside from some small projects).

So far it has been a pretty productive
month and it's not even quite over.
Now, what else I can squeeze in?

Happy quilting!
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Kirsten said…
Great job. I really like your tree quilt.
Marly said…
A beautiful tree quilt; I love the subdued shades of the trees and the small squares. It looks like a winter landscape!
Vicki in MN said…
I had no doubt that your tree quilt would be pretty, but it is gorgeous and really speaking to me. Whose pattern was it again? Nice work this month!
Marti said…
My goodness you've been busy this week! I love your Pine Tree Quilt and Pumpkin Patch. Ever since I saw Michael Keaton in Multiplicity, I've thought how cool it would be to clone myself so I could stitch all day and the lowly clone Marti would do the housework. And unlike the wife in the movie, my husband would always know it wasn't the real me doing the housework. lol
piecefulwendy said…
Amazing! Two pretty quilts! I enjoy seeing your beautiful work!
GORGEOUS!! I loved your pumpkin quilt but I have to say I'm really impressed with your tree quilt!!! Did you use a specific pattern for it or design it yourself? It's wonderful! Have a safe and happy day!
What beauties! It does feel great when we finish a quilt. You have done a great job with color on both! Hugs
Kate said…
Congrats on two finishes in the first month of 2021. Both are beautiful finishes. Just the weekend left now in January, happy stitching!
Kathy S. said…
Beautiful finishes.
Hooray both of those finishes and the pines quilt is fabulous.
Patty said…
Beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!
Marie said…
Love them both! I've seen the pumpkin pattern before but not the tree pattern - you aced the colour selection. So sophisticated.
Two beautiful quilts! What a great start to the new year!