Bring On 2021: The Big List

I usually can't wait to make my list of projects and
plans for the new year but this time feels a little
different.  I've worked on this list for days and
I feel like I'm forcing it.  Looking at the 365 days
of 2021, I really just want to do more of what I'm
already doing. I'm listing some ideas here that I am
feeling excited about as a way to kickstart my year
but, throughout the year, I'll be subtracting, adding
and changing to my little maker-heart's desire.
I'm in no hurry for the year to go by but I am excited
to see how it all plays out and much I get done.

Snowflake Quilt

I had kind of hoped to squeeze this one in
before the end of the year but that would have
been really pushing it.  I love the red/green
scheme but I'd like to try blues--if I have them.


Simple Whatnots (Diehl),  The Big Book of
Little Quilts (That Patchwork Place) and
Jo's Little Favorites (Morton) all have my 
attention right now and there are oodles
of quilts I want to make from just these!
For what purpose?  For all over the house.
As a quilter, you'd think I'd have them
everywhere but nope.  That should change.

Finish Farmer's Wife

(Not all of my finished blocks pictured here) 

I wanted to finish this in one year but I now
know what a big undertaking it is.  Sure, it can 
be done in a year but not with lots of other
projects--at least not for me.  I did make it just
over half-way but I think I'll need to bring back
my "Farmer's Wife Friday" to keep me going.

Finish Civil War Side Project

I started this as a side project a couple years ago.
It's from the book Civil War Legacies by Carol Hopkins
 so that's why I refer to it as a Civil War project.
My fabrics are kind of that theme but not all.
It's been awhile since I brought it out but I think of
it often.  The plan was to just make blocks until
I felt done...and I just haven't felt done yet.
This will make great movie/football-sewing,
if you know what I mean.

Finish Basket Quilt

I like to think I'm not a UFO'er" but this is my third
"finish" project here so I think it's time I own up to it:
My name is Cheree and I've become a UFO'er.
This trend's gotta stop. This year.  Anyway, I
haven't forgotten about this one either.  It's not
going to be big so it should be an easy finish.

Two-Color Quilts

"Tracking Tradition" by Debbie Roberts
Red & White Quilts (Martingale)

Carrying over from last year's list;
I haven't found the right fabrics yet.  

I picked up this pattern at the same time I got the
one for my Pine Tree Lane quilt--one that I just love
so I can't wait to make this one too, though I'm sure
I'll want to wait til it's closer to fall and I'll definitely
pick more fall-ish colors.

The above colors are super but I would add in a
touch of a wine/burgundy for pop.
Side note:  these yarns make my fingers itch to knit.
I've been down the yarn-buying rabbit hole and
cannot do that again until I use up what I have.
There's a good chance that yarn could be worse
than fabric for me.

This one might need a gold to make it pop.
(I could play with color schemes all day!)

Stash-busting quilts
I'm open to ideas but hopefully everything
I make this year makes a dent in my stash.
I've been thinking of trying to keep track of
how much fabric I go through this year.
Do I also want to keep track of how much I
buy so I can see that I'm making a difference?
Or that I'm not making one??
I'm not sure but I definitely should!

Batting Busting
I found a pattern for quilted slippers that could
do a real number on my batting scraps...and
would make great Christmas gifts to boot!
(Pardon the pun!)

Wedding Gift Quilt
This is a maybe; waiting for info on
bride's tastes, decor etc.

Charity Quilts
Baby quilts for Jack's Basket.
With the ol' shoulder needing to heal, small quilts
are the Rx.  I'd love to make about five of these.

I will continue linking up to:
 Tuesday To-Do  (Home Sewn By Us)
One Monthly Goal (Elm Street Quilts)
I Like Thursday (Not Afraid of Color)

New Groups / Link-ups that I want to join:
I'm on the fence here.  These can be a lot of
fun when I have the time.  Right now, I'm already
struggling with spending so much time online.
When the house is empty again, I'll re-evaluate
my time and commitments; I'll likely be open to
adding something in.  (I have decided to not
join in the latest Quiltville Mystery Quilt.)

And now for knitting:
First, the UFO's: 
A scarf, a pair of gloves and a pair of socks.

After that, I'd love to do more socks and finally
start knitting sweaters for the littles.
I have yet to go past socks, hats, gloves and
scarves but I know I'm up for it.  I have plenty of
project ideas saved up but I think the goal here
is to just to finally take on the challenge.


Knit scrubber
A good road trip project.
Also see slipper idea above in "batting busters".
Still open to other ideas here--it's early.

2021 Reading Challenge
My goal for 2020 was only 24 and the content stayed
fairly light so I want to correct that.  This year's will be
only 25 books but outside of a few light ones, I want
to get back books that help me grow.
Biographies, non-fiction and historical books with a
few spiritually challenging ones mixed in as well. 

And that is my list as of today.
My first goal of the year was to leave this list fairly
flexible--likely from experiencing the disruptions
of last year.  Personally, I feel like God has been
reminding us that no matter how in control we think
we are, we're not.  For me, peace can be found in
being completely open to what He sends my way
and what He asks me to do.  I'm not saying that's
 easy--just that it brings peace.  This list is likely
way easier but neither will happen if I don't try so
here I go, 2021, and no matter the outcome,
 the happiness will be in knowing that the one
He wants.

Happy quilting to all and best of luck on
completing your all quilt dreams in the new year!


Love the snowflake quilt - those quilts are great.
Vicki W said…
The snowflake quilt is awesome, is there a pattern? I can probably figure it out but I'd rather contribute to someone's income.
piecefulwendy said…
What fun to read through this and see what you are planning (quasi-planning?) for the year! You can't go wrong with Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. I have the Farmer's Wife book and realized the other day that my computer has no disk drive, and all the patterns on are on a CD. LOL. Will be fun to see you progress through your year!
Debbie said…
You have a wonderful list of hope fors and UFOs....somewhere in the scheme of time, you will make a dent.
As for tracking fabric way. I tried one year, and got lost around March. How do you measure small parts anyway? Just use, enjoy, and buy, and gift. Life is too short to make yourself crazy or guilty.
And in the end, you will know the right direction to go with it all.
Makes me want to blow off the UFOs and start all new quilts! Very pretty! I love Diego and Morton!
Needled Mom said…
It will be fun to follow along with all of these great plans.
That is a good list. I wish I only had 3 UFO's. Happy 2021!