Tuesday To-Do #70/Countdown to Christmas

Even with covid cooties coming into our home,
hubs and I both tested negative (twice for me).
Over the last couple weeks, I've been Christmas
shopping (online), cleaning house and baking....and
with all that, still getting plenty of time for working
on my sewing room To-Do List.  Amazing how much
you can get done when you stay home!

Checking in on what I completed last week:

1) Quilt September Glow:  half-way done

Trying to squeeze quilting in around hubs' work
schedule has been impossible but I did get about
half of it quilted over the weekend.  It's hard to see
with the sun shining in on it but the quilting is
somewhat-complicated and dense--so dense
that a bobbin won't make it through one single row.
But with oak leaves and acorns, the pattern is perfect.
Just slow-going, but that's okay.

I was only able to get about half done; if hubs
runs into work anytime this week, with luck, I'll
get it finished.

2) Finish triangle tree quilt top:  Done

I wasn't sure about making those tree trunks
brown but I tried black and dark gray and
they just didn't look right. 

The same went for that first border but
I kept it to a minimal 1 inch.

It took a little work to match up that outer border,
especially when I didn't have much to work with but I
think it turned out well and the top is complete.

I had just enough of this for the backing which I also
have ready to go.  The batting is cut and the entire
"sandwich" is next in line for the longarm.

3) Get some cookie dough in the freezer
for quick holiday baking:  Somewhat done.
Finishing today...unless I find
more I think I need to make!

4) Finish "project B" gift:  Done
Oh my gosh, this is done and so cute!
I can't wait to share pictures after Christmas.
It was kind of a lot of work--or maybe it's just
 because it was regular sewing and not quilting?
Anyway, I don't really like to go back to regular
sewing, but it's nice to know I "still got it"!  <wink>

Completely off the to-do list, I also started
the Peppermint Pines.  However, I think this
might be a little disappointing to those who
were looking forward to this one.

The thing is, I just don't have those cheery
colors in my stash.  If I was going to get this
thing made, I was going to have to go more
traditional so....

...traditional it will be.  I am not buying more
fabric--at least not this time.  It's fun and
fast so I might make another later in 2021.
Amazingly, it's almost time to start thinking about
next year's quilty plans!  Wow!

Okay, maybe I'll hold off on that for just another 
week or two.  It's really getting time to settle back
and enjoy the holidays.    

Baking, watching Christmas movies and 
hanging with the family!

I do have another week before all of that really
kicks in so here's what's on my to-do list this week:

1) Finish quilting September Glow
(maybe bind?)

2) Load up red/white/silver tree quilt;
pick and load pantograph

3) Finish main portion of Peppermint Pines top.

4) Bind ombre.
I've set this one aside but I want to get it
finished completely!

5) More holiday house cleaning, maybe more baking?

6) Watch Christmas movies

See you all next week!
Happy quilting!
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Joyful Quilter said…
Wow, a bobbin plus per pass, that's a lot of thread! Looks like the perfect pattern thou. The triangle trees look great - love your border fabric. I never know how to use a directional border fabric: stand it all up? (like you did), stand up each side (like I did on my forest friends quilt) or just cut it width of fabric and to heck with it. Your house looks so festive!
Debbie said…
Love the tree quilt....and the fabric fabric is fabulous! Wow, that must be dense quilting for the bobbin usage per row. Glad for the negative tests too. Stay safe.
glad you tested negative! love your tree quilt the brown tree trunks look good to me
Vicki in MN said…
You had a great week! Yes it is amazing how much we can do in a week's time when we stay home...It's not all bad;) Good luck on this week's goals. Beautiful Christmas decorations too.
You are a fast piecer, Cheree! I love the triangle trees top - really pretty fabric there. I would have trouble coming up with pretty greens for those trees, too - but yours are definitely in the pine category! So glad you've tested negative for Covid!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I like the traditional look of your pines. WOWEE - September Glow uses up a whole bobbin per row!! That is dense quilting. And a second WOWEE is warranted and earned for matching up and making the border on Triangle Trees. It looks fabulous and the backing is just perfect, as well. Yippee to cookie dough in the freezer. Your mantle looks beautiful - it won't be long until all your peeps will be around and enjoying movies with you. {{Hugs}} Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne
piecefulwendy said…
Yay for being double negative :-D. You have some fun things in the works, and I'm curious about the non-quilt sewing you finished. I like the tree trunks brown, it adds a softness that black or gray wouldn't. I don't even have my Christmas stuff out yet, but that's tradition here. Nothing happens until after the 12th, and there's a reason for that.
Needled Mom said…
That IS dense quilting! It will be beautiful, I am sure. The brown looks perfect on your trees. Good choice. Stay healthy so you can enjoy those relaxing days.
chrisknits said…
What a great week it seems you've had. Good luck with the goals this week!! Love that red quilt.
Your house is pretty! Your trees will be fine, even if they are darker. I like the brown with the red trees.