Tuesday To-Do #71

How is everyone's holiday prep going?
Gifts all wrapped and under the tree?
Yeah, me neither--still waiting on a few
things to show up in the mail.

Checking in on last week's goals:

1) Finish quilting September Glow
(maybe bind?)

The quilting is done but it still needs binding.
I'm waiting till it's complete for pics, especially of
that dense quilting but here's the design:

2) Load up red/white/silver tree quilt

Just need to choose a pantograph.

Of my Christmas/winter themes, I narrowed it
down to these.  I keep trying to get those mittens
onto a quilt but I don't think this is the one for them.

The waves would work well, looking like the wind
swirling around as it does on the above trees.
That one quilts up quickly which is a nice bonus.

I love these snowflakes--firstly because I love all things
snowflakes and second, because they just quilt up so
beautifully! Now, they take a little extra time and that
could be an issue working with the hubs' schedule but
certainly his meetings will slow down a little over the
next couple weeks?

My first go at the snowflakes was on my hearts quilt.  
As intricate as they are, I remember assuming they
would be difficult...surprisingly, they weren't too bad.
The flakes weren't always perfect but the overall
effect still looked great.  I'm leaning toward these.

3) Finish main portion of Peppermint Pines quilt top
I even got two of the borders on; just one to go!

I was a little worried about the scrappy, traditional
fabrics I had but putting the solid ivory in the
background kept a little bit of a modern feel to it.
To me, it's a perfect mix and I am loving it.

4) Bind ombre
Not done
I keep putting this one off.  I have a goal to finish
up all open projects before Christmas so I'll keep
working on it.  I might still squeeze in that snowflake
quilt before the end of the year but I'm not starting
anything new till after Christmas at the earliest.

5) More holiday house cleaning, maybe more baking

The house is sparkling and the oven has been going!

Santa Lucia bread

I've been baking up breads and cooking up
soups left and right.  Cold weather does that.

6) Watch Christmas movies

The week ahead:

1) Bind Ombre

2) Bind Glow

3) Start quilting Triangle Trees

4) Make backing for pumpkin quilt

5) Make one more stocking (for granddaughter)

We've run out of room on our fireplace mantle so
now they hang on the stairs.  When I made them
I was sure to get extra fabric and trim for future family
members.  Now what I really should do is get ahead of
the game here and make as many as I have supplies
for...but we'll see what I have time to do.

This should be an easy list to complete but
I am concerned about doing all of that binding.
Some shoulder pain that began 1 1/2 years ago
(swimming laps) has gotten so bad that I'm finally
looking into it more seriously.  Initial x-ray shows
arthritis but I have a sonogram scheduled to look
at other things.  Binding large quilts really does
a number on it so I am careful to carry the
process out over two days.

Happy holiday quilting!
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Debbie said…
What wonderful Christmas delights at your place. I can smell the baking and love the stockings. Nothing going here...just a little on line shopping and more doctors to see. Hope nothing shows up on your exams that can't be remedied. The unknown is the pits. You are right to pace yourself with hand work.
Vicki in MN said…
I love how your tree quilt is coming together, I think the colors are perfect! Good for you finishing the quilting on Sept. Glow. You are really moving a whole bunch of projects forward. Merry Christmas!
your decorating looks so lovely - hope not much is wrong with the shoulder - maybe you twisted it a little with holiday lifting of boxes and things?
chrisknits said…
God love you, I hear you on the shoulder pain! Prayers that you find easy answer to relieve the issue. And good luck on those list items!
I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder pain, especially if it keeps you from your favorite activities! You've been getting a lot done, though. I love the look of your Peppermint Pines!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Nope, I still have all the wrapping to do. We may or may not have Christmas wrapping paper - we thought we did but can’t locate it. La-la-la! No rush since there’s only three littles and three bigger ones to wrap for. That won’t take long! I took a look at Autumn Oak quilting design - I originally thought it was only leaves but I see all the other stuff, too. I love the swirly snow design, and the mittens are CUTE but I can see where they need just the right quilt. Hmm. Maybe you’ll have to sew something special just for that design?! That will be a unique quilt - quilting design first consideration. Peppermint Pines turned out great and you got it together so quickly! I can’t help but be glad you’re not completely finished with Ombre - once you are, that will quickly fall off my radar. I need to make that quilt, darn it. Your stockings look SO CUTE hanging off the stairs. I love it! Be careful with that shoulder - that’s the last thing you need to aggravate at this time of year. Thanks so much for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne
piecefulwendy said…
So many beautiful quilts, but the glow quilt just keeps getting better and better! Wish I could help with the binding - take care of that shoulder! Do you put filling in your Santa Lucia bread?
Carol Andrews said…
Cheers you have been so busy! Peppermint Pines is beautiful. What company did you get those perfect Christmas pantos from? I’m in love with them.
Sharon - IN said…
Hi Cheree! So sorry about your on going shoulder pain, I hope you find relief. I think I have all the gifts, but do still have wrapping to do. You quilts are beautiful, as are you home decorations! And the baked goodies. Happy Holidays is happening at your house!
Sorry for the shoulder pain. Rest the quilt on a lap desk to hold the weight. As for wrapping presents, all of ours have been done for over a week, except the quilt for my grandson (just need to bury the threads and wash it first). For once, I'm ahead of the game as far as presents go.
Kate said…
September Glow is gourgeous! Your tree quilt turned out beautifully too. Hope you've been able to get in lots of stitching time this week and have made good progress on your to do list.