I Like Thursday #8

 Hello Thursday.

In case you didn't already know, now you do:
22 days to get everything done.
That's not bad at all.

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning
so I'm super happy and ready to sew something
Christmas-y.  I like snow a lot and I have yet
to meet a winter with too much of it.

I like to decorate this little tree for my sewing room.
I'm thinking about switching out to the red, green
and gold though.

I love red and white, and gray/silver if it's thrown into
the mix.  When I found this fabric collection I couldn't
wait to get it into the perfect quilt.  The trouble was, I
never could find the "perfect" quilt so last week, when
I came across it again for the umpteenth time, I went
with something simple so that I'd at least have a quilt.
   I'll have more on the finished top next Tues.

I like having a quilt for every season!

I made this one last year and it was so fun to pull
it back out again after Thanksgiving!  I like that it
works for all winter, not just Christmas.
Still, as I mentioned, I do love a red/white quilt so
maybe I'll make a Valentine's quilt someday?  

I like to plan out a lot of the meals for the holidays
way in advance.  While not really stressing it, I do try
to get as much done early as I can.  One of my first
preps will be to make up several different batches of
cookies to freeze as dough so they'll still be nice and
fresh.  It's not always about the cooking and baking
because I see that as fun; I think it's more about
.avoiding extra dishes and mess in the kitchen that
no one wants to deal with when the family is home.

Anyhoo, Tanya, a British Baking Show contestant
(American edition) over at Global Bakes has been
doing a 12 Days of Cookies series that I'm following
closely.  These snickerdoodles are a perfect fit for my
holiday prep.  Tanya mentions that once you have
rolled the dough balls into the sugar/cinnamon mix
they can be popped into the freezer for an easy bake
as needed throughout the holidays.
Now that is exactly what I'm talking about.
(Today's post is Spumoni Cookies!  That woman
is gonna run my printer out of ink!)

I love to make bread.
It's just so...so....timeless?
I can't quite put my finger on the word.
I don't often do braided breads but I think this
Finnish cardamom bread (Pulla) turned out so
well that I should do braids more often.
They're super-pretty.
I like to eat bread too--a lot, darn it!
But it's the holidays and life is short!

I like making hummus; it's certainly healthier
than bread but, now that I think of it, it really
needs some pita bread and that's fun to make,
too, so off I go to make some!

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Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! YUM! That bread looks heavenly and I can just imagine the smell. The cookies - all of them - sound great, too. I love the idea of making the snickerdoodles into balls with the cinnamon sugar on and then freezing them. Gosh, your quilt from last year looks SO nice on your bed. It's so inviting and the fabrics you chose are fab. What a nice post! ~smile~ Roseanne
Globalbakes said…
I hope you love the cookies! Thanks for following along with my 12 Days Of Cookies!
PaintedThread said…
Eek! Only 22 days?! :-) That little tree is cute. Your cookies and baking look delicious. I got my first two batches of cookies done tonight (one batch and dipping is left to do).
piecefulwendy said…
Your house looks like I want my house to look - ha! I can never get my act together enough to get it all done. Who knew you could freeze snickerdoodles?? Yum - I could have them at the ready, whenever I wanted some. Hmm. And bread - oh yes, love to bake bread, and that braid is gorgeous. I'm giggling about the pita for the homemade hummus. This was a fun post to read. Thank goodness I've been noshing on Reese's PB cup cookies, or I'd be baking!
Isn't that tree in yor sewing room happy?! It could be decorated for all the seasons, really. I have a favorite braided bread recipe that I haven't made in ages - reading your post put me in the mood for homemade bread!
Love your Christmas tree! I adore your tree quilts! So pretty! You post made me hungry so I'm going to eat now...:D Have a safe and happy week!
Susie H said…
Oh how funny! I just ate a mess of my own homemade hummus for lunch! Can't beat a good hummus although we've been having a hard time finding dried chickpeas here in IL. My sister hooked me because apparently they're plentiful in TX -- she gave me a 7# bag!!! That'll make a lot of hummus! I'm also into making the cookie batter up early and then just baking, baking, baking! We love Snickerdoodles but I never made it with browned butter ... sounds yummy! Thanks for your upbeat post! I'm off down the Global Bakes rabbit hole.
Your bread looks amazing and as hummus lovers, homemade would be the best. I just love this time of year and the way it embraces home cooking and baking. Thanks for the links. I too will check out Global Bakes! Your quilt is just gorgeous!
Great quilts winter/Christmas they are all lovely. I agree Red and silver would be gorgeous. I saw a table runner made with a hint of red and lots of silver and I think it was made of log cabin blocks. Your bread looks yummy. Now off to check global bakes. I love snickerdoodles.
Needled Mom said…
I love your tree quilt, but you can keep your snow. The braided bread looks so pretty. Making bread is so rewarding AND delicious. Your cookies look great. It would be nice to freeze them like that.