To-Do Tuesday and Thanksgiving

Enough with the panic, people!
Because our freezer runneth over with garden
blessings, I waited till yesterday to grab a turkey
and you know what I found?  A few small 
Butterballs and some generic ones.  That's it.
I walked out with two 12lb-Butterballs
but honestly, the madness of it all!

Okay, how did I do last week?

1) Finish quilting the ombre:  Done

(Didn't bother with getting a good pic)
Oh where do I begin here?  Are some quilts just cursed
cursed from the moment you begin?  From the frustrating
jelly roll issues at the beginning right up to this weekend's
quilting, this quilt has just been a struggle.  Ombre was
going to be a gift but now...?  Standing back it's not so
bad but at a quilt-snuggle close-up, no way.
I do not like to pre-wash quilts before giving but that
will be my next step.  Maybe it won't look so bad.

Actually, now that I think about it, this may have
been the design I struggled with on my Meow quilt.
Note to self:  you gotta be warmed up and
really on your game for that pantograph.

2) Load up Sept. Glow, choose pantograph
Due to covid breaking out at work, the hubs is
working from our sunroom again so this might
be tricky.  It is my November OMGoal
so I'll have to work something out.

3) Continue with Christmas gift progress: done!

I'm really happy with how this turned out; I just wish it
looked as cheery in the picture as it does in real life.
The pennants to the right that are flipped over spell
out their last name, claiming their campground.
This should be a fun addition to a retro camper!

Here is a close-up for detail.
(Just pinking the edges made it go quickly!)

On my other project, I've made a lot of progress.
I just can't show it.  It's now over half-way done and
a finish by the end of this month is very do-able.

4) Figure out next quilt project:  two in mind

(free pattern)

They look like good seasonal fun so I'm starting to
think I might make both, but I sure have no idea what
I'll do with them.  I'm out of storage space for my quilts
so this really is becoming an issue but I know that I am
a much happier person when I have projects to focus on,
especially these days, so what's a quilter to do!?

In other news: 
The girls decided to ante up.
Out of 18 hens, I now have at least three laying
sporadically--now 5 eggs in this first week or so.
Check out the beautiful dark olive color in these!

Because they need lots of daylight for egg-production
I don't expect a huge amount this time of year.
A timed light in the coop adds a couple extra hours 
but I don't want to push them too much.  If they
were older, I'd probably not add light at all because
their bodies need the rest.

When I couldn't work on the longarm and couldn't
settle on a next project, I started doing random
things that I'd been avoiding, like finally replacing
the cover on my small table-top ironing board.
Clearly I let it get pretty gross.

I now have a clean matching set.
And a clean refrigerator and clean bathrooms
and clean floors...

Now, as I said, the hubs is home for two weeks.
One son is also here for the holiday and he is working
from home as well so I shall have just to hole up in my
sewing room--oh, darn.  But it's still hard to get much
done when the house is not "my own" so
I'm just going to guess at what I might get done:

1) Enjoy Thanksgiving:  it looks like there will
only be 4 of us which is just sad.

2) Put up Christmas decor:  all of it; and away
goes the fall decor right after Thanksgiving.

3) Load September (November?) Glow:
I should be able to get this much done at least.

4) Start a new quilt:
I've already been playing around.
I'll show more next week.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are here
in the States and happy quilting!


Debbie said…
I think Ombre looks good, at least in the photo. Your routine is broken for a while....embrace it and enjoy the holiday. Isn't it crazy how people are just buying up stuff....when they never use to even cook? Our world is such a different place.
4 people for Thanksgiving sounds safe to me! it will only 2 of us here and a boned in Turkey breast is what I got about a month ago - I was planning ahead. I love that pattern you show with the Christmas tree from Fig Tree - I might need to get that one. The next on is a beauty too in those colors.
We are our own worst critics when it comes our quilting work I think! I bet a trip through the washer and dryer would crinkle up Ombre and make it snuggle-worthy! I love the Peppermint Tree pattern- that looks like fun. Beautiful eggs, too. Happy Thanksgiving!
Laurie said…
The Ombre looks great to me. Love the colors.

If you've run out of places to store quilts and you still enjoy making them, you could find some worthy people or organizations to give them to. I've been making and gifting quilts for a long time. I see it as a way for me to put something good out into the world...but also see it as a way to continue to do what I love to do without having to worry about what I will do with it afterward. It's freeing to make things with the intent to give them away because you can try things with color schemes or patterns that may not be your favorite because there's someone out there who will love it, even if you don't. For example, a few years ago, I made my niece a quilt for Christmas using fabric she picked out. The fabric was pretty enough, the colors played well enough together, but it was still my thing. Working with the many, many, many pieces of Zebra print, hot pink, and black, I felt like I was caught in a herd of stampeding zebras whenever I worked on that quilt...but she loved it. Finished, it was pretty. But it wasn't a fabric selection I would have chosen on my own. :)

Our stores are now limiting toilet paper and paper towel purchases again. I find that kind of funny. We're having a pork roast rather than turkey for Thanksgiving. It'll just be the two of us for face to face Thanksgiving. We'll be talking to family on the phone on Thanksgiving day. My plan is to put on my bluetooth headset, get out some quilt pieces that need to be pressed and/or pinned and talk on the phone while I press pieces and pin pieces. I'm looking forward to peaceful conversations with everyone...though it certainly won't be the same as the big face to face gatherings that we usually have.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Joyful Quilter said…
The Ombre looks great - even if was a booger, the panto design looks really good with the fabrics and pattern. I'd be hard put to decide which pattern so my vote is for both also. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Vicki in MN said…
Not sure what you are seeing with Ombre, because from where I am sitting it looks great!!! Those eggs are so interesting, I never saw anything but white and brown when I was growing up on the farm. Might be a dumb question but do they taste different? Happy Turkey day!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Love, love, LOVE Ombre. I know it's been a struggle right from the get-go but it is SO worth it for the end result. Shoot - now I won't have a reminder to start my own version. I'll just have to put it on my do-not-forget list! The pennant turned out just fabulously! I'll bet they are going to be thrilled to receive it and even more thrilled to hang it out on the first camping trip. I vote for Peppermint Pines for sure, please! Oh, darn for having to hole up in your sewing room. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for linking up this week and good luck with next week's goals. ~smile~ Roseanne
I like ombre. I bet that quilt will snuggle nicely. I'm sure your quilting isn't bad at all. Happy Thanksgiving!
chrisknits said…
I think it looks wonderful! Compared to my measly beginning quilting I would take yours anyway! LOL
piecefulwendy said…
Maybe you'll feel the love after the quilt's spa day. I'm sure it will be just fine. Love those egg colors, too. The Peppermint Pines pattern is really pretty. Will be fun to see which you choose! Happy Thanksgiving!
Ombre looks wonderful! Quilting while huband is home is challenging, isn't it? I love your banner! Have a great day!
I like your ironing board covers - I have a large one that sits on top of may Elfa drawers - I use muslin, but maybe I can find a fabric that makes me happy and use it for a change! Great idea! I am enjoying looking at all of your posts. I will follow you from now on! Hugs
Forgot about your Ombre! Very striking! I am running out of hangers where I hang the tops to be quilted. I am thinking that 2021 will be the year for long arming! About time. 2020 was not our year (no virus) just horrible things. Hugs
Needled Mom said…
The photos of Ombre look great. I'm not seeing your problems. I love the fabric that you used for your ironing board covers. Both Christmas projects look like fun, but the second would be my fave.
Bonnie said…
Is it just me or does Homespun Holiday have the look of Covid 19? You know the graphic you see all over the place. I think it would be fun to make a design like this. Maybe I should consider it for 2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge? Your Ombre quilt is really wonderful. Remember we are always our greatest critics.... Even when I looked up close I could not see problems with your quilting. Have you gotten the binding on yet? Sometimes that makes a difference. Washing it will crinkle it up a bit. If I were the recipient and you decided not to give it to me --- I'd be upset! It's too pretty to stash away and not be used. BTW - if you really need more to clean I'll offer up my house! Happy T Day.
PaintedThread said…
Love that ombre quilt!! The design and the colors are terrific. Such pretty eggs - those are great colors, too. LOL
Kate said…
Your Ombre quilt looks great. If the person it's going to be gifted to isn't a quilter, they probably won't notice all the flaws that you do. Hope you had a wonderful, if small Thanksgiving. Ours was much smaller too, but it was so much less stressful to keep it small in hopes we will all be able to get together next year.
LA Paylor said…
ooo I like that pic of eggs... the colors are wonderful inspiration.
I cover my table top ironing board with bright pretty fabrics too. You reminded me to find my red one for Christmas time