November's Monthly Goal

 November has arrived and planners be plannin'!

House cleaning and baking; Thanksgiving dinner,
Christmas lists, shopping trips...heck, even most
non-planners are probably planning right now.

My monthly goal is to complete September Glow.
It seems like I've been at it awhile so I think it
is certainly time.

I had planned to make it a queen but when I put the
first border on (background fabric) I decided I really
like this look.  I now see it folded up on a sofa
or at the foot of a bed.  What next?  Another border?
Sometimes quilts have a mind of their own...
I'll have the answer by the end of the month,
along with a completely quilted and finished quilt,
I already have another quilt loaded ahead of
 it so it's really two goals in one.
And that is how I push it.

This planner is gonna need some coffee!

Happy thankful quilting!
Linking up to Elm Street Quilts


piecefulwendy said…
A good goal for November and completely doable! Looking forward to seeing what's up next!
swooze said…
Lovely. Good luck with your goal!
Kate said…
That first border really floats the blocks. Looking forward to seeing what else gets added. Good luck!
Patty said…
Very pretty. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.