I Like Thursday #7

 How nice it is to be gearing up for the holidays.
I gave in and put on some mild Christmas music
(ie Tim Janis, George Winston, Jon Schmidt on Spotify)
so I'm now in the mood for Thanksgiving!
Not sure how that works because I'm not about to
put any fall decor away till after Thanksgiving but
but somehow it just does the trick.
Maybe because it's cheery.

Besides beautiful music, here are some other
things I'm finding cheery today:

The girls are late but it is winter and low hours
 of daylight will affect their egg production. 
An egg--and such a beautiful olive one.
I never can decide which color is my favorite...
so I'll just say all of them.
I like how I got the egg bowl out for this one. lone. egg.
As if instant, mass-production is going to happen now.
LOL.  A chicken-owner can hope!
We've missed real eggs!

We got our new shrubs planted.
I like the seasonal colors this one
is showing off sharing with us!


I like how my pumpkin quilt top turned out.

I love bleu cheese steak salad.

I don't like our warm weather right now but I am
liking that some of the herbs are still available.
I would much rather have cold and snow but
there is always an "up" side to things.

Some decorations never get old for a mom.
I made this when my kids were little and it comes out
every Thanksgiving.  This turkey is not only packed
with polyester stuffing, it's also full of happy memories.
Each button is for attaching a note of something
we're grateful for that year.
Btw, I came across this on Pinterest the other day
and it made me happy to see it's still being made!
but I thought I'd share them all.

I like getting Christmas gifts made!
This banner is for a brother and his wife who have a
retro camper that they are having a lot of fun with.
I'll have more on that next Tuesday.

Please go check out the other cheery posts
listed at Not Afraid of Color I Like Thursdays!

I'm sure I'll still post next Thursday but just in case:
Happy quilting and happy Thanksgiving!


Love your turkey. Oh your salad looks yummy. I hadn't planned for dinner, but that looks like an awesome idea. Great likes.
your pumpkin quilt turned out so nice - I saw that pattern and thought about it but then thought maybe next year. I don't usually get into xmas until after Thanksgiving is over and it is just the two of us in the house this year so not sure how much I will put out besides the tree and nativity piece this year - and the Xmas quilts of course - ok I'll probably put everything out!!
Yea! An EGG! More to come, I'm sure. That salad looks yummy. Nice quilt top.
PaintedThread said…
What a beautiful egg! That salad looks yummy. My parsley went bonkers after I cut it back - I harvested a bit more before we got the snow and frost. :-)
piecefulwendy said…
I have always thought it would be such a joy to have a bowlful of colorful natural eggs, so I'm seriously excited about that lovely olive one! I hope you get a bowlful of colors soon! So much to like in this post!
chrisknits said…
It seems everyone is decorating for Christmas right now!!! I don't want to put away my fall yet, but I guess I only have another week of those. I am starting to PREFER warm weather to cold!
That's a cool egg! Do you think that means you'll be getting more? That is such a cute turkey - I would get it out every year, too. Your bleu cheese steak salad looks yummy and healthy all at the same time! :)
Susie H said…
That's the most beautiful egg I've ever seen. LOVE! Adorable turkey decoration. I love the memory things too. My 39-year-old son made a reindeer out of a lunch paper bag in kindergarten. For the antlers, he cut out paper using his hands as the pattern. We stick that bag on top of our tree every year and, consequently, he cringes every year. Lol! Your pumpkin quilt is very nice and that steak salad looks delicious!
Joyful Quilter said…
Isn't it wonderful how sometimes the littlest things - like a single egg - can can tickle our happy bone. Your pumpkin quilt and banner look fantastic. Too bad about the yardage requirements and lack of black fabric (your last post), glad you were able to make do.
dq said…
Goodness, I am in love with that pumpkin quilt!!!
Needled Mom said…
Such wonderful likes! It won’t be long until you are gathering baskets of eggs. Spring will be here before we know it. Your thankful Turkey is such a great idea, a treasure after all these years.