I Like Thursday #6

Happy Thursday.
It's been a busy week so the likes are short
and sweet today...but that's okay right?
It's all about taking even the quickest moments
to appreciate the blessings around us.

I like foggy fall mornings.

I like taking a leaf's-eye view at things sometimes.

You can't tell by these two pics, but the fog was
really thick just beyond our property.

Another leafy view on another day.

I like the new shrubs I picked up at the
nursery's end-of-the-season sale.
(Still need to get them planted!)

I like this leaf wall hanging I found on
That's some quilty inspiration right there.

I like that the huge invasion of political ads
(on every media outlet including texts--ugh!)
is finally behind us.

I like love this quote I came across this week:
“As to the past, let us entrust it to God‘s mercy,
the future to divine providence.
Our task is to live holy the present moment.”
(St Gianna Molla)
Wise words to bring peace to our day.

Speaking of what's up in my sewing room,
I like what's on the design wall right now.
This is just a quick shot but I'll have more on
this project next Tuesday on the To-Do post.
The fabrics and colors are so fun to work with!

Happy quilting!


grammajudyb said…
I love your “ leaf’s eye view”! We don’t get a lot of fog , too dry I think! Fun fabrics in your pumpkin quilt!
Joyful Quilter said…
Your pumpkins look great. I also want to make the little leaf quilt from Temecula, I've got a few fabrics simmering but won't have time until next week.
Roseanne said…
Get the heck out of town!!! You just got the fabric and pattern and you nearly have a quilt top already?!!! Geez - I'm still looking for the fabric. You told me it was going fast but cripes. Love your likes this week and can't wait to see more about the Hocus Pocus. ~smile~ Roseanne
Your pumpkins are wonderful! They make for a fun design wall. Love the leaf pictures, too - they perfectly capture this time of year!
PaintedThread said…
I like the leaf's eye view! I like those quilted pumpkins, too.
piecefulwendy said…
I like this whole post! Great quote!
It's always nice to see outdoor shots and learn about where you live. We have huge leaf cover this year too and most of our leaves are down. It was a good year for colour. I love your pumpkins on your wall. Wonderful! I've made a number of maple leaf blocks in projects and keep saying I need to make a maple leaf quilt sometime, being Canadian and all. LOL Happy Stitching from me.
LA Paylor said…
that little leaf hanging is just the cutest in those colors. I like those pumpkins and the shot of your house
Love the leaf view. My dog Bobbin was frolicking in the leaves this afternoon, made me giggle. I love foggy days, but I love then when I can stay inside and hibernate. Great quilt on the design wall, and your wall hanging.
Great likes! I love your pumpkin quilt and all your Leafy views! That leaf wall hanging is adorable! Have a great week!