I Like Thursday #5

Happy Thankful November to all.

Sometimes it gets really hard to keep up that
attitude of gratitude.  So much distraction!  Stress
and worry take their toll--especially lately--and
our hearts might get so heavy that it can be hard
to just look up.  How long has it been since we took
a solid look at the many blessings around us?
We should work to be grateful all the time but
having a holiday devoted to it can bring us
back around if we've gotten off track.
That's one reason I like November--it kind of gets
up in your face about it.  When the garden is all done
and the freezer and pantry shelves are full, and the
house is warm even though it's cold outside,
November can't help but fill me with all kinds
of thanks.  And, believe me, I know right
now a whole lot of other things are trying to
drown it out but I want my thanks to be louder.

I like making all kinds of bread.  Why buy it?
This one is "garden medley" bread:  tomatoes,
green onions, green peppers and herbs all from
the last of the garden.  Next time I'm adding garlic.

The chickens like being let out to forage.
And I like them out there so it's a win-win.

Digging around to eat bugs and weed seeds
makes them great helpers in the garden.

They're also just funny to look at.

Maybe they think I'm funny too?

I like seeing Chloe enjoy my quilts...

...even if she does get in the way.

I've always liked cooking with pumpkins so much
that I've been growing our own for at least 20 years,
or maybe more?  I think I can honestly say I have
never purchased one single can of yucky pumpkin.
Being the ultimate pumpkin snob, I like this shirt.

I loooove this fabric line.

I wanted to see if I could make this quilt from
stash fabrics but seeing it in these fabrics just
made it impossible to top so I gave in and ordered
the layer cake.  This will be showing up in my posts
very soon. I feel I'd like to be a little more creative
but maybe a no-brainer will be relaxing and fun,
and I should fly right through it.

I'm so grateful--loudly grateful--that I get to
spend my days doing what I love!

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Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
Grateful is always a good thing. Love the tee shirt too!
that bread sounds wonderful. When you say you added tomatoes I'm thinking bits of sun dried?
grammajudyb said…
Thankful is a good place to be! Your bread sounds so yummy! I’m not a yeast bread baker, but like quick breads. I’m really craving a good pumpkin bread. Maybe I’ll get one made before we leave to spend Thanksgiving with our son in California. I don’t have room to grow pumpkins, so have to use the “yucky” canned king! LOL!
Needled Mom said…
All GREAT things to be grateful for these days. I love seeing the chickens out and about.
Roseanne said…
Hi Cheree! Your bread looks yummy. I would love to bake my own bread. Do you have any tricks to share for slicing straight? I can't get one of those bakery slicing machines . . . HAHA! It may be an easy project or not, but Hocus Pocus and the fabric line is divine. I want to scoop it up myself. ~smile~ Roseanne
PaintedThread said…
Your post made me smile. Love all the chicken photos. And that kitty! That shirt is fun, too. I try to make my own pumpkin puree whenever I can. :-)
piecefulwendy said…
Such a good reminder to pay attention to the good things around us, and enjoy those simple daily tasks for the joy they give. Love to see your chickens up close, with their expressive faces. And Chloe on the quilt - so fun! Thanks for such a nice post!
That definitely looks like yummy bread! And aren't your chickens neat? I bet they can be very entertaining! I agree - as hard as it can be sometimes, there are always things to be thankful for.
LA Paylor said…
I like it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL from the pumpkin pattern (I bought it too but haven't made it) to the cat montage, to the gorgeous photos of chickens looking at me, to you bread with veggies!!! Send me a loaf (just kidding!) so much goodness, thank you for doing this post!
chrisknits said…
I count my blessings every day and prefer to not listen to the media, they are very good at stealing our joy. I just got a bread machine from a friend, so back to learning bread making for me. Haven't had a machine in ages, and just don't want to hassle with the hand made kind. LOL! I have too much quilting to do.
Grateful is always good. Love your shirt, I just finished making 7 containers of pumpkin puree for pies and pumpkin bread. My chickens escaped and my landscape mulch has been flung all over the place. :D Oh well. Love the pic of Chloe on the quilt. I love the line of fabrics. I have a quilt I am working on in that line also.
Kate said…
Fun shirt and great looking bread. During the Pandemic the grocery stores have quit carrying the bread he likes, so now he makes himself a loaf to enjoy the rest of the week. The last one had garlic in it, it was really good with the spaghetti we had for Sunday dinner. It can be hard to be thankful in the current climate. I'm finding that going pretty much cold turkey on the news has been most helpful in just taking each day as it comes.