Happy Thankful November and Tuesday To-Do's

Are you feeling it creeping up?
That end of the year?
The finale to all you've been working on?
Weekly and monthly goals are one thing
but that end of the year list is the big one
and it's coming so I'm just sayin':
Time to step it up!

But right now, let's talk about that weekly thang...

Here are last week's goals/accomplishments:

1) Get September Glow into one piece--done.
This was also my October Monthly Goal so
crossing this one off is a double-whammy.

And I just added the borders.

Had to share that funny look on her face.

I had 3 seconds to snap this pic before....

She must like this one a lot.

With those borders, I'm a little tempted to call it
November Glow.  Somehow they just gave it more
 of a Thanksgiving-y/Late-Fall kind of feel.

I still need to pick out backing.

2) Load Ombre quilt--still working on it
Forgot I had the backing to make yet.

3) Work on Christmas gifts--started
I have lots done in this area already but I have two
more items to make and I've gotten them both
figured out--posting will have to wait for now.

4) Enjoy my new sewing room floor--done.

Other things I've been doing:

Cleaning windows.
I'm taking this slowly due to pain issues but 
at least it's getting done.  Just two more days
for two more big rooms and I'll be done.
Buying fabric.

Even though I just lifted every pound and ounce of all
the fabric that I own out and back into my sewing room,
I did not seem to learn that I have way more than I need.
In my defense, technically I ordered some before the floor
upgrade.  But deep down in the pit of my sewing soul,
 I knew, and am therefore guilty as charged.  Go ahead,
confine me to my sewing room till I use it all up.
<Pffft! Snort!>

Anyhoo, 2yds of each of these.  I love the red (H. Glass)
and the brown and orange (Marcus Fabrics).  I keep
thinking I'll make an 1800's repro, or at least antique-y
kind of quilt next but I can't seem to get a good
pull going on that yet.  The other two fabrics aren't real
faves but they check off some boxes.  I'm always
planning...which is where I get into trouble.

I gave up and ordered this layer cake before it was
completely out of stock--they're going fast.
I so wanted to use my stash for this quilt but it just
wasn't there.  I'm patting myself on the back for
being so ahead of the game for next Halloween!
Because of course that was my goal,
on this, the 3rd day of November....
<rolling my eyes>
Joking aside, I may start this quilt right away.
Pumpkins are still cool in November.
 I have one more fabric package arriving tomorrow
but that needs to be it till next year!
Y'all need to keep me in check!

I finally smoked up the last of the peppers.  Yay!
These red jalapenos yielded 1 3/4 c chipotle pepper.
And that completely finishes all the gardening
for this year--even the clean-up!  That's huge!

Looking ahead to next week, I'm trying to keep it
pretty easy though, knock on wood, it looks like
I should have plenty of time. 

1) Make backing for September Glow

2) Start quilting the ombre lattice

3) Work on Christmas gifts 
Get fabric pulled for the first (a pennant banner).
The other will be "Project B" till after Christmas.
Lots of planning on this one but I have lots of time.

4) Work on squirrel project (might be another #3)
that I came across last week at 
I'll share more of that when I get started.  

I hope everyone has gotten a great start to November.
 I always enjoy checking in on everyone's projects, just 
don't always get time to comment--but I'm working on
that.  Sometimes life slows you down when you can't
seem to do it yourself.  On that note, I'm off for a
much-needed massage. To us in the States:
I picked a great day for it, didn't I?
After that I plan to hibernate in my sewing room,
coming out only to make dinner.

Happy quilting!
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Debbie said…
Hiding in the sewing room sounds like a good plan! The Glow quilt by what ever name you call it, is spectacular! It does seems to shimmer and there is nothing like a good scrap quilt to comfort you.
Lots of plans and lots aof fabrics. I think the pumpkin quilt plan is good...begin now, and for sure you will finish for next year.
Roseanne said…
Hi Cheree! Oh yeah, baby. I feel it creeping up. Eight weeks from Friday IS January 1, 2021. Goodbye, 2020. It's nice to see you in the rearview mirror. November Glow is the perfect name and a certain kitty definitely does love it very much. I am just giggling about the 3-second shot. Ahh, Ombre quilt. Thank heavens this isn't finished yet. Once it is I will continue to forget how much I love it and that I need to work on my own. I also adore how you are defending yourself on the fabric purchase. You know, don't you, that we are on your side! Of course, you needed those fabrics, although the ones that aren't your favorite? Oh yeah, you have a plan for them. Hocus Pocus is going fast??!! What - gotta run - fabric . . . dinner sounds good, by the way. Thanks for linking up! ~smile~ Roseanne
I think there are a lot of us who are hiding in our sewing rooms today! I love your new fabric acquisitions, and I know you'll put them to good use. The pumpkin quilt looks adorable!
I voted, grocery shopped, then came home and roosted in my sewing room. I'm just taking a short break before I go back. I like that blue fabric you bought. I had fabric arrive just before I started typing this.
piecefulwendy said…
I was looking out my window in my sewing room today, and thinking that it really needs a good washing. I should do that this week, because I think it's the last of our 60-70s temps. November Glow looks great!
September Glow is a wonderful quilt!!! Loved your kitten on it! She's hilarious! Have a safe and happy week!
Needled Mom said…
Your September Glow turned out beautifully. Glad you snatched up that layer cake. It looks like a good one.
chrisknits said…
Gorgeous!!!! That will be a wonderful quilt.
Kate said…
Love the border colors, they make a very nice frame for the center blocks. Hope you've already knocked out a lot of this week's list. If not, there is still a couple of days this weekend. Happy stitching.