Another Thankful-November Tuesday To-Do

How's your November going?

I feel like Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away
but yikes!  It's next week.  I haven't made my
dinner plans but you know what?
I'm about...turkey??
(Well, that was easy.)
Yeah, that's how it is for me this year.

Hubs always smokes the bird so that takes a
load off.  Maybe if I take some time today to
do a little planning I'll get more into the spirit.
Let's face it:  it has just been a weird year.

It has been a little busy around here so I missed
getting a post in last week.   But today I have a nice
amount of progress to show, including a completed
top that hasn't even graced my to-do list!
Here we go with the got-done's:

1) Make backing for September Glow:  done
The entire quilt sandwich is ready, next in line for the LA.

2) Start quilting the ombre lattice:  a little progress made

I pieced up the backing, got it loaded and have
started a little on the quilting.  I wasn't "feeling it"
so I walked away.  Hope to get a little done today.
I want to get to Glow pretty badly.

3) Work on Christmas gifts: progress made

On the pennant banner, I've gotten a lot done:
Fabric pulled; pennants and letters cut out;
batting (for weight/stability) cut out.  The letters are
sewn on so today the pennants will get sewn
together and onto the cord.  Should be a fast finish.

On "Project B" I have the main fabric pulled but
I'm still trying to decide on a theme.  This whole gift
might challenge me a little but I'm excited about it.

4) Work on squirrel projectdone
I found these little Petit Four fabric baskets on
out of my quilting zone very often but around the
holidays I like to play around with small projects.

I went with some ho-hum fabric on my trial one.

The only struggle I had with all of these was that
my machine is for quilting so I don't have that arm
to work on smaller projects.  I was too lazy to get my
old Bernina out (nice small arm on that one) but a
head's up to anyone who wants to make these.
It just made it a bit of a struggle to do the topstitching.

After that first one, I flew through the others.

It's nice to have these ready for filling with cookies
or some other treat for giving those little gifts
of Christmas cheer.

SO, about that finished top:
Remember the Hocus Pocus pattern, and that
I just had to make it in the Fig Tree Quilts 
"All Hallows Eve" fabrics...

Those fabrics are really fun to work with!  I have a few
"heads-up" things for anyone wanting to make this
by the way.  The first:  I don't know if all pre-cuts
are created equal but I was sadly low on the black
fabrics for this.  I have seen some other people's
quilts and noticed they've supplemented in a black or
two so the issue seems to be across the board cake.

Here's my finished top.
This brings me to my second "head's up."
The pattern calls for 3 1/2 yds of background fabric.
I only had 2 2/3yds of a fabric I really wanted to use 
(and move out) so I played fabric chicken and let me
tell you, it was no contest.  And frankly, if you wanted to
cut your borders and sashing (which are cut lengthwise)
first, you could probably cut everything else out from
the scrap of that and get by with, dare I say it,
2 yards?  Don't quote me on that.  All I know is
that I have plenty left over.


For some quick, mindless sewing, I sewed the
trimmings right into HST's.  I like to save these;
I just don't always get them sewn up so we'll see
if that gets me more motivated to do something
with them.  I think the issue here, though, is the
Halloween fabric:  I have almost a year before
that's relevant again!

On the fabric-buying front:

Two yards of the red, 7 of the ivory (for a background).
I thought for sure this was it for fabric purchases for
2020 but not quite...
MSQC had free shipping last week on the day I
finished up my pumpkin quilt so I grabbed one of the
fabrics for binding and to supplement the backing.
So, in full-disclosure, yes, I did buy yet more fabric.

The good news is that in the making of this quilt,
I emptied not one but two bolts--the ivory
background and the black border/backing.
But I declare now there will be no more 
likely be no more fabric purchases this year. 

Hey!  Have I mentioned that I finished all of the
outdoor fall clean-up work?  Even the windows!
Can I get an Amen?!?

For fun, I came across a super interesting
machine quilting department.  At around 7:20 into it
they pan over the racks of quilts they have waiting to
be quilted.  Um, wow!  They have 17 machines going
for up to 18 hours a day (2 shifts) and kick out
50 to 60 quilts a day!  The video is a little long but I
enjoyed listening to it while I was sewing.  As always,
I find their entire business fascinating.
I also might be a little jealous.

For next week:

1) Finish quilting the ombre

2) Load up Sept. Glow, choose pantograph

3) Continue with Christmas gift progress

4) Figure out next quilt project

Happy quilting!
PS. I really do respond to all comments if possible.
Some are still showing up in my comment moderation
but not in my email so I have no way of replying.
To those, thank you for responding--I am seeing them!

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Debbie said…
The great pumpkin quilt top is fun! I don't do the pre-cuts so all scrappy works. Your new fabric is great the red. Holiday planning is by the wayside. Anything will be fine................
love the pumpkin quilt - smoked turkey sounds good - I did that one year but no longer have the smoker to do it
Sherrie said…
The Pumpkin Quilt is those baskets.
Have a great day!
Cute Christmas baskets! I have several bloggers that comment but their comments never come to my email. I just cut and paste, and answer them that way. I've saved their email addresses in my computer (just in case).
I love those Petit Four baskets, too, and keep meaning to make one. Your baskets in Christmas fabrics are adorable! I love the pumpkin quilt - it's really fun with those colors!
Vicki in MN said…
Fantastic work this week! Love your pumpkin quilt so much! Hey no shame in buying more fabric;) I might have done that too but didn't list it:0 Oh but your baskets are so cute, they will make for a great presentation for home baked goodies.
piecefulwendy said…
I love the little baskets - they look great! You know what? I have that arm capability on my machine BUT those little baskets aren't deep enough to reach it. So I just do it like you. Once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad. The pumpkin quilt is wonderful with all the fall colors! I only have one Christmas project in mind this year, and if I don't get a wiggle on, it may not happen!! There has been fabric acquisition here too. I'm pretty sure more is coming in than going out . . .
chrisknits said…
Love the top!! And I agree on the yardages in patterns, sometimes I think they go overboard, but what do you do? Good luck with your list this week! I am pondering if I want to sink the cost of a pantograph kit for my new mid arm. It can use one, but I just don't know how well I can use one.
Anne-Marie said…
Yay for your husband smoking the turkey! We used to try to bake one with so-so results. Now we buy marinated turkey breast from the meat locker and grill it. So much tastier and easier. I'm glad you save your HST too. I calculated once how much would have been thrown out and it was surprising. I try to sew the extra seam as I go, but so far I haven't done anything much with all the millions of little HST. Someday...
Sharon - IN said…
What a great variety of projects! Interesting how your fabric worked out for Hocus Pocus. Fig Tree must be generous in their yardage. The quilt is adorable!
LA Paylor said…
SEW much to like here! You do beautiful work! I love the hocus pocus pattern and now I'm enjoying your red and green schemes! smoked turkey... nice! Good husband!