Tuesday To-Do and a New Pumpkin Record!

 It has been a wonderful week for to-do'ing,
just not for the to-do's on my list.

I'm not even going to look at the list; 
the entire thing is postponed till next week.

Other than working on sewing blocks into rows,
it's been pretty quiet in the sewing room.
However, something BIG and noisy is happening
in there tomorrow.  I'm excited...I think...I hope...
Okay, I have mixed feelings but the decision has
been made so there's no turning back.
It means another couple days of no sewing but I
should be on a roll <wink> after that.  Next week,
along with some actual got-dones and to-do's, I'll
explain and have pics to share.  Meanwhile,
I apologize for the minimal quilty content today.

Hubs and I took a quick 4-day vacay to our fav
B&B to just enjoy some peace and quiet,
and having no obligations!  We did a little
shopping, a lot of dining and daily reading
on our cottage's deck the rest of the time.

I shared some of this last Thursday but in an
effort to throw in something quilty, here's a pic
of my hubs actually in a quilt shop.  This rarely
happens, mainly because I never ask him, but
this time he volunteered.  I guess it's no big deal
with a phone in hand but still, I appreciated it.

Btw, I got 1.5 yds of this and I'm searching for just
the right thing(s) to make with it for Thanksgiving.

I picked up a little something else for my sewing
room at Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Shop.
I've visited that shop so many times but have never
splurged for a pic; just calendars and note cards.

This year's calendar was all set to be printed but covid
hit so, for the first time, the artist had none for sale.
(She joked how weird it was to actually buy a
calendar for the shop's use.)
I guess it was a sign. 
Btw, the artist does not quilt but told me she
really enjoys painting all of the fun patterns.

Back home, we spent the rest of hubs' vacation
working outside.

With so many trees and gardens, keeping up can
be a real battle but catching up in the fall is a joy,
especially when the weather is perfect.

Hubs tackled a huge brush pile, burning some
but turning most of it into kindling.

This stack doubles as a windbreak for the chickens.

I spent a solid 5 hours wielding an electric hedge
trimmer with ladder, buggy and rake in tow.  
I'm not done but getting more than half out of
the way leaves me very happy.

Decks were also cleaned and patio furniture was
replaced with firewood and baskets of kindling;
more firewood has been ordered.
Bring on the cold!

One last batch of mincemeat made and maybe the 
last of the tomatoes canned--I still have lots on the
counter but I'd like to just cook with them instead.
It'll be down to 30 degrees later this week so
all herbs and veggies have to come in.  

I can only freeze so many peppers.  Years ago,
I started smoking them and found this process can
make some of the greatest smoky spices.

Every single seed must be removed before smoking
or you'll have a heat that will completely overpower
any flavor.

I got over 2 cups of spice just from the poblanos.
I have a mountain of other peppers to deal with
 but at least they're all safely inside.

My fall clean-up list is also a mountain
(2 pages, typed) but if I tackle a little at a time,
maybe come spring...I'm kidding.  I'm actually
shooting for early November.  And some of those
things are more wishes than reality but we'll just see.
(Yes, I type my to-do lists but I'm not super-organized.
Typing is faster and much neater than my handwriting.)

It really hasn't been so bad not being in the sewing
room.  Yard work leaves my arms and hands too sore
and shaky to do any sewing anyway.  I do have a
massage scheduled in a couple weeks--hallelujah!
(Hopefully most of that list will be completed by then.)

Remember the old pumpkin record of 56.4lbs?
Well this guy beat it!  58 pounds!
(No, these aren't pie-worthy but I have plenty
of little ones that I've been slowly baking up
and getting into the freezer.)

The first one of the year, the 48.6-pounder, is the
dark one in the back; the lightest orange one may
have gotten bigger but with the upcoming freeze,
he wouldn't have gotten the chance.

So how about that for my big to-do of the week?
Set a new pumpkin record for my garden--DONE!

There are still a couple months left to 2020.
Maybe I can set a quilt record, too?

Next week I'll bring back my list.

Happy quilting, and fall cleaning!
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sounds like you have gotten done with a lot - I'm glad I do not have to put all of my yard furniture away for the winter - it all stays put as we use it off and on all winter if the weather is warm enough - we should put the swing away though as it is wood and we just bought the new one as the old one had rotted after years of weather. Love your pumpkins.
Vicki in MN said…
Yard work is not a favorite of mine, so when I read all you are doing I get really tired, LOL. Okay playing in flower beds I can handle. And reaping the fresh veges from the garden is fun. I don't can anything and freeze very little. Just not my thing. We did make salsa for the first time ever, not too bad and oh so delicious!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I think I know where that surprise is leading but I will be happy to wait for the reveal and big news. Yay to beating your pumpkin record. I have a short outside Fall list that I've been plugging away on. I want to do some pruning but it has been so darn windy that I hesitate to stay out in it. At some point, I'll just have to bite the bullet and get them trimmed. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne
Joyful Quilter said…
Love the new pictures, nice rich colors. Congrats on the pumpkin!
Your getaway and leaving the to-do list behind sounds lovely! There's always a lot to do outside at this time of year, isn't there? I'm impressed with your kindling piles, and your pumpkin! Congratulations on setting a new record!
Debbie said…
Wow, beautiful pumpkins and that won is huge! You always get so much done.
Cheree, I really like your blog and so glad you commented on mine! You have beautiful views and love your photos of the chickens! Have a wonderful week and will be following you now! Can't wait to see your sewing room!
Susie H said…
I'm exhausted reading all you got done. I too started some of the Fall clean-up but our weather shifted to cloudy, windy, and quickly fall temps so I didn't get as much done as I would've like either. Your dried pepper concoction sounds delicious to me. The Thankful fabric you picked up is wonderful .... hope you come up with the perfect project for it!
I waived at Kansas as we stopped in Joplin for supper Saturday. It has gotten chilly everywhere. We're finally home.