Trying Out "I Like Thursday"

With quilting and gardening, it has been a bit
of a struggle to stay up on everyone's blogs and
other reading.  I'm in the middle of all that fall 
clean-up--house, yard and garden--but as I
keep an eye on the weather, I've decided I
can slow things down a little.  There is still no
freeze in the 10-day forecast and leaving the last
produce out there as long as possible will allow me
to cook with fresh ingredients as long as possible.

So, finding myself with a little extra time today I thought
I hope I understand how this works so here goes:

(Sleepy Hollow: Coolest/prettiest cemetery to visit in the fall!)

I like fall.

No, I LOVE fall.  And all things fall.
Quilts, trees, scenery, flowers, weather, clothes...

Which is why I make things for fall
and grow things for fall!
With me, the whole year leads up to fall.
The trees are finally starting to turn and
the leaves are starting to color up the lawn.
(The hubs may not like that part so much
but I do--what's fall without some falling?)

I like taking time out to enjoy coffee in a shop
a few times a week...because somehow those
days are just more relaxed.  Why doesn't this
happen with coffee at home?  It just doesn't.  

I like my current audiobook:

The Grand Sophy.
If you like Jane Austen's writing, this one is for you.
Think Emma but with a little more witty banter and scheming.
I'm just over half-way through and is it quilting or this book
that has me so excited to get into my sewing room?!
As with all audio books, I give a lot of credit to the reader
who can often make or break the story.  As I sew away on
my latest quilt, Sarah Woodward's lovely, and appropriate,
British accent takes me right into London in the early 1800's.  

I like canning things from the garden.
For months, it's been the bumper crop of tomatoes
but this week I canned a little mincemeat made
from the green tomatoes on the few plants
that I pulled--waste not, want not.  The Romas are
growing like crazy but I've pulled the other kinds.
My hands are too full!

I like capturing the funny looks of the chickens.

I like my new rotary cutter earrings.

I like how the fabrics "glow" in my latest quilt.
I'll get the last blocks done today.

Lastly, I like my new treadmill that is being delivered
today!  (I wore out our first one years ago).

And that is my first go at the things I like this Thursday!

Happy quilting!


LA Paylor said…
I LOVED this! Perfect list of likes! Your photos are so good...
that chicken cracks me up! What about Rheema? blogger is raising chickens and usually (not today) has stories and photos of hers.
Thanks so much for joining us!
I'm going to email you... LeeAnna
Hi, Cheree, and welcome to I Like Thursday! I enjoyed your post and I think you got the process down perfectly! I love your earrings. Your quilts are gorgeous! That book looks interesting. I'll look into it. Enjoy your treadmill! Nice to meet you!
grammajudyb said…
Welcome Cheree! You got it!
I too like Fall! I don’t grow a garden. Too much work for this old gramma! I tried tomatoes in a bucket! They did not do well! I’ll try again next year!
Coffee in a shop sounds heavenly! I miss my regular cup from my favorite shop. Soon, maybe we can get back to that!
I hope you’ll enjoy all the posts here and come back next week!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Welcome to the Thursday Likes group. I think you nailed your first post with lots and lots of likes included. That is one nifty treadmill! It looks like it does everything for you except the actual walking part, and that it makes that a bit less painful by keeping you entertained. I like to read a good book while walking - it passes the time a bit quicker. Like I make it to 7 minutes before I'm certain I should be finished. HAHA! {{Hugs}} and thanks for joining in. ~smile~ Roseanne
Wow, Cheree, where have you been hiding! I'm surprised I have not found you before but happy to meet you now at LeeAnna's. This is a great post with all kinds of great things. I concur...fall or autumn as we call it is a great season. Love the earrings and the chicken photo. We are all about the small treats like a coffee out. Take care now!
What a fabulously happy post. I like your "I like" post as well as autumn and your new earrings and your quilt..... thanks for a cheery visit with you :)
So glad you joined in, Cheree! Fun to see your likes! I love Fall, too, even the leaf clean-up. You know I love all your pumpkins - they make the best displays. And those rotary cutter earrings - so perfect!
piecefulwendy said…
When I saw the link to this post, I wondered if it was you! Yay! Oh, I miss coffee shop days - I should give it a go again. I've forgotten about Georgette Heyer books. I read some years ago, so I need to keep her in mind. You wore out your treadmill?? I'm suitably impressed!
PaintedThread said…
Eek! I love those earrings!! Your quilt looks lovely. Goofy chickens. All the pumpkin photos made me smile - the orange is just so warm and inviting. I'm hoping my green tomatoes ripen, but I may have to figure out how to use them as-is.

Good likes. Welcome aboard! :-)
Welcome to our group! This was a fun post. Love your fall photos, quilt top, earrings and book!
Great list of likes. All your pics are lovely. The chicken is fabulous, what breed is it?
Debbie said…
Great job on your fun post. The chicken face is a riot!
Carol Andrews said…
Welcome Cheree. I love your list of likes and your chicken cracked me up! Love the earrings!