29 October 2020

l Like Thursday #4

A beautiful fall Thursday to all.
So much to like in the fall!

Though it feels more like winter lately.
Lucky for me I like snow.

Remember last week's
 "trees in the corner of our backyard"?
The leaves are now turning more and falling.
(and the snow is melting)
A few years ago I did the coolest thing.
From the very first sign of fall, I took a picture of
that maple every single day and then
lumped them all together so you could see
the change all at once.  Some things just
float your boat, you know?  This was one of
mine and I should make it a yearly thing.
Maybe a different tree every year?

I like the new fabric I just got in the mail.
Especially the three on the right.

I'm not sure I like the snow and freezing temps
hitting my record-breaking 58-lb pumpkin.
They are not meant to last forever I guess.
Maybe the chickens will like him...

I like making soup from broth made from our
own chickens, herbs and veggies--it doesn't get
any more homegrown and healthier than that!
And I love my new Dutch oven!  It's bigger and
a little flatter than my old one.  But heavier.
Wow is that thing heavy!

Chloe likes my Halloween quilts, naps
and being curled up by a crackling fire.
Me too, kitty!  Me too!

I like icicles.

I like the snow settling in over the garden,
giving much-needed moisture to the strawberries,
asparagus and the other plants that remain.

Aw, c'mon--who doesn't like snow on evergreens?

I like---
(as we say here in the Midwest--all. the. time!)

Okay, icy snow removed--let's try this again:
I like keeping the birds fed over the winter.
They like it here by the pool.  The snow/water
collects on the cover and the entire combo makes
it a favorite spot for all winged creatures for miles
around.  The squirrels get in on the action too but,
though they are cute and funny, they're mostly just
pests (rivals?) to one who gardens and has a pecan
tree in her back yard and an orchard of fruit trees.
And they steal the birds' food.

I like how some herbs hang on well into the
first cold months.  Most of this rosemary was
trimmed and brought in but later, in a pinch,
I can still work with what's here.
I really like having so much available to me
without having to go to depend on store.

You know what really does well in the winter?
Sage.  I like me some sage!  I have a few
fantastic sage recipes that I'll have to share over
the next months but for now, this one from
Proud Italian Cook completely rocked our world.

Hubs went a little crazy with the breadcrumbs on his.
We added grilled chicken, btw.

I'm not a huge squash lover but the fall ones
(butternut, acorn) are starting to grow on me.
The breadcrumbs alone in this recipe will have you
thinking about all the possible places you can put their
yumminess to good use.  The pasta part was a little dry
 but the squash imparts such an amazing and, to me,
surprising flavor that you don't care.  I'm wondering if
just more olive oil on the pasta will do the trick?
This one will be a regular in our fall menu, especially
as I grow butternut.  And the sage.  And the parsley.
See?  Right out my back door.  Fun stuff.

I like rolling around on the new wood floor in my
sewing room--which should have been there
from the beginning.  

Here's the story on that one.

I like sitting out here on a nice day, making
plans for the garden and other things.
It's probably gonna be awhile before this
happens again so I'll stick to a warm
coffee shop till then!

Happy quilting!
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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! What a nice post you've shared today. I smiled while reading the entire thing! Oh, the snow on the pumpkins and mums - it looks so pretty. I'll bet those pictures of the same tree look pretty cool. You could make a movie of it - watching the evolution of the leaves changing. I can just picture the birds (and squirrels) playing around on the pool cover and the feeder. We had the same thing in our last house with an inground pool. Happy Thursday and enjoy a nice warm coffee with me! ~smile~ Roseanne

Michele McLaughlin said...

What a nice tour of your wintry autumn! Love the fabric you got! I hope we hold off on snow because walking the dog is not fun in that. Always loved home made and home grown food! Have a great week!

grammajudyb said...

Great “ I Like “ post! It’s the little things! Your kitty is so pretty! I’m partial to tri color calicoes! Speaking of calicoes, I think I hav3 that brown on in my yardage stash! Lovely!
I’m jotting down your soup idea. Lemon with veggies! Yum-o.
Thanks for a happy grateful post!

LA Paylor said...

sage... I admit I don't know what to do with it! Your slice of life there is so enticing... living close to nature and fresher. The food looks great, the pumpkins look like an LLBean advert. I wish I had a wood floor in the studio too. COoking, sewing, petting a cozy cat, smelling chicken soup. All good things!

Needled Mom said...

Lots of great likes this week! I’m not sure I would like all that white stuff so early in the season, but it does look pretty. Those poor snowy pumpkins!

Shannon said...

I love your pretty snowy pictures and the idea of taking a picture of the same tree every day through autumn to track the changes! My birds had mostly wandered off, but when the cold weather hit this week they were right back at the feeder. I'm actually out of birdseed so I need to get some on my next trip to the store! Stay warm!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

We feed our birds here all winter, too - they're so fun to watch! Your cat looks happy as can be. That's the good thing about snow and colder temps - it's time to curl up under all these quilts we make! Glad you can still get your fresh herbs even when they've been snowed on.

PaintedThread said...

You're looking far more winter than fall! I love the idea of photographing the tree over time. Chloe matches those quilts! Our birdfeeder is crazy! We have a waiting line (after not getting a single visit last year). Soup and butternut squash pasta looks good (especially on the cold rainy day we've got going on here). Good stuff!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the colors of your new fabric..especially the Fall colors. Sure looks crazy to have snow and ice already but it is almost Nov! We'll be happy to have our highs in the 70s this weekend instead of the 80s here in Florida. Your soups sound wonderful!

piecefulwendy said...

Oh my - you have snow! A local photographer here took a picture of a tree at the change of each season. It was very fun to see the difference of each photo! That fabric you just received is so pretty! I'm going to picture you rolling around with glee when I think of you in your sewing room!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. Love your new floor in your sewing room. Your fiber acquisitions are lovely too. Awesome list of likes.

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