15 October 2020

I Like Thursday (#2 For Me)

I like being home, especially these days,
but who doesn't like a good road trip??

Mostly I'm all "There's nothing like staying home for
true comfort" Jane-Austen-style but I still like to 
get out every so often to get away from all those
daily obligations, among other reasons.
Road trips are great for getting back in touch with
my lone hand-quilting project that gets ignored 99%
of the time.  Maybe this will be the year I finally
finish this thing?  

I like listening to books while I sew, and on
road trips.  Last week I shared

We made that visit to Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown on our last
trip up to West Point.  Neither of us had ever read the
Legend of Sleepy Hollow so, with Halloween around the
corner and with us being on a road trip, it seemed a
perfect time to slip in that short story.
(I finished The Grand Sophy, btw.)

I (we) like Chiefs football.
Not just because they're the latest Super Bowl
winners but because we've always been fans.
So after our story, I pulled up the game for hubs to
listen to (he was driving), and found myself actually
watching it.  Not sewing, not cleaning, not baking or
any other multitasking activity while the game is on.
Just watching the game.
(This was mostly an "un-plugged" vacation but
this was an exception--besides, we hadn't 
reached our destination yet.)

I like reading outside--another thing I don't take the
time to do at home.  Happily, I got lots in this week!
Anyone picking up a theme here?
As I sat there with my book, it really struck me how
many enjoyable things I can easily do at home...
but don't.  

I like zooming in on what God, through nature,
did with this bark.

I like persistence.  Look at this little thing.
There he is, a lone sign of the summer that was,
 among all the fall leaves.  I found out later from
the B&B owners that the deer have eaten
everything this year but oh no, not this guy.

I like visiting quilt shops on vacation.
This time, hubs actually came in with me!
I really didn't need a thing but it was vacation
and sometimes it's nice to see something you
made with a certain fabric and think,
"Oh yeah, I got that at Quilter's Cottage..." etc.
I was hoping to find some of Fig Tree's
"All Hallows Eve" line but I was unlucky there.

I like Thanksgiving, these colors, happy gatherings
 and feeling blessed and thankful so, after
admiring this one in several of the shops on the hop,
I didn't need to think twice about getting some here. 
What can I do with it for the upcoming holiday?

I've always kinda liked folk art. 
Whenever we're in the area, I have to visit
 Wilson & Wilson Folk Art because so much
of what the mother-daughter team creates
has quilts in it.  

In the past, I've picked up notecards and calendars
but this time I actually got a framed canvas for my
sewing room.  It's similar to the one above;
I'll share a pic of mine in my Tuesday To-Do
post next week when I have it hung up.

I like bed and breakfasts.

This particular one has this dining area
that I always think would make a great quilt
retreat room, sewing room, long arm room...
You get the idea.

I like to be up early.
The early bird gets the coffee.

I love to cook but I also like a break from it.
Not worrying about meals (and dishes) is
a great bonus on vacation, right?
You'd think over 4 days, I'd get some good
foodie pics but I didn't take a single one.
Me!  A huge foodie pic taker!
Maybe this is a good thing however.
I think it means I was really unplugging.

And when the fun is all over,
I still like to be home.

And of all the views in the world, this one
is so often the most welcome.

After a short break, it's time to get back to fall
clean-up.  It's work, but enjoyable work.  I like it
most when the weather cooperates.
Jacket weather, leaves all around, coffee in hand.
Who wouldn't like working out in that?

Happy quilting--in your home!

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LA Paylor said...

Oh the whole post is lovely but I admit to being a bit teary eyed remembering all our trips up that way in the past. I miss it. I go to every quilt shop on the road trip just about, just to see. I love that area, is that snow current? I thought they were just coming into cold weather. The view from your porch is so calm... it could be from 1776!
When our founding fathers were just planning a Democracy here... I'd have gotten fall fabric, in fact I am using my stash of fall fabrics this week because the colors are all so lovely. Glad you joined us...

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! What a wonderful vacation you had. It is nice to go away but it's so nice to come back home. What a welcoming photo to see when you got home. I hope you take the time now to read outside a bit! We do that often in the summer - take our books out to the rockers on the back porch until the sun gets too low and in our eyes. It's a whole other world of activity, watching and listening to the birds and traffic at a distance. The B&B you stayed looks very nice and I agree about that dining room being great for sewing of some sort. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sherrie said...

Looks you and hubs had a wonderful trip...thanks for sharing. Love the pretty fall fabric you got...maybe fussy cut and make a quilt out of it. The view from your porch is beautiful...have a great day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've mentioned LOTS of things that I like too! I love being outdoors and it's fun to travel around and see the countryside! And I love folk art and have quite a bit by Catherine Holman and M A Vessey. Enjoy your week!

Needled Mom said...

Ha. We’re doing the same thing. I’m surprised we didn’t cross paths in Kansas! So glad you enjoyed your break. We get home tomorrow.

Debbie said...

I like your post! enough said:)

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I have never stayed at a B & B I always travel with my pup. How fun to visit Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow and read the book! Great fabric. Looks like a great few days away.

The Joyful Quilter said...

A little getaway sounds delicious!!

PaintedThread said...

B&B's are awesome. Looks like a nice vacation. The bridge photo is lovely. Isn't lichen pretty? Lots of good stuff! :-)

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed your roadtrip! Getting home is always great, too! Love the Thanksgiving fabric.

Bonnie said...

Your post was almost as relaxing as going on a vacation ourselves! We like to go to b&bs also. Although we haven't been traveling out much. We've hit both of our kid's homes (within 90 minutes unless the traffic is a mess.) I've continued to read like crazy and make quilt tops, and quilt tops. Quilting is a great way to keep us all engaged in productive activity. (No way am I thinking that cooking or cleaning is a productive activity.

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