22 September 2020

I'm Running Out of Names For These To-Do Posts

 I had a decent week of getting things done,
though not a great one.  But I have excuses
for not finishing all my to-do's!  (Don't we all?)
I'm feeling a long post coming up so you might
want to grab a cup of something hot.
(Note: sorry for any inconsistent font sizes.
The new Blogger changes it randomly.)

First, The List:

1)  Finish quilting garlic knot quilt
Well, technically I have two rows left but I'm taking a
break to write this.  It'll be done when this gets posted.

I have a perfect pantograph for this with oak leaves and
acorns (the background fabric is a tiny oak/acorn print)
but I wanted to see pumpkins on my fall bed quilt!

So, pumpkins it is.

I'll share a full pic till next week.

2) Load up West Point quilt
(start on quilting when thread arrives)
The thread is here; I'm loading it today.

3) Start on West Point table runners?
Hoping to pop out 2 or 3 here.
Um...All I can say is it's fall and there are
a lot of squirrels at work out there.
More on that in my to-do's for next week.

4) Garden Stuff
Just the usual tomato canning etc.
(Another 8.5 pints.)

I've started pulling some plants here and there.
That gives me a sense of "Ah, winding down!"

There are so many marigolds and sunflowers that
if they're to be feed for the chickens, I have to start
now or they'll be "wasted" at the first freeze.
And so, slowly, the mayhem gets cleaned up.

Sorry, I didn't warn you arachnophobes out there this time!

The garden spiders are showing up everywhere.
I've also found the first egg sac.  I know that probably
grosses a lot of you out but it's a happy sight to this
almost-completely-organic gardener.
I hope to be back to 100% organic gardening from
here on out.  The Aphid-Ladybug War of 2020
convinced me.

The damage of that war is still there but through it has
come a new burst of leaves, vines and tiny pumpkins.  

I only pray they make it before the first freeze.
Pumpkins are fully susceptible to that.  The pumpkin
in the above pic has already gotten about 4 times larger
and should start turning soon so there's one at least!
I love it when they spread through the fence and into the
back yard so I can see them from our pergola.

There they take some maintaining because they will
very quickly get themselves stuck in the fence.
I caught this one in time but he has the marks of an
"escapee."  I like his wonky shape so it's all good.
He's forgiven.

Now to check in on the chickens.
If you're not into them, feel free to scroll down to
the part where I get a new sewing machine.
And if you are into chickens but are more into new
sewing machines, just be patient.
These are pretty chickens!

I finally contacted the hatchery to confirm
some issues with my order.

Not my Brahma rooster.  Photo credit.

I did not receive the Brahma rooster that I ordered.
I'm super-sad about this because...well...

I received instead a Brahma hen with some fun
feathery legs and that will have to do.

As fortune would have it, I accidentally received a male
Cuckoo Maran along with my other 3 Cuckoo Maran hens
 so at least I have a rooster.  Just two days ago, I finally
heard him crow!  I'm a little sad I missed any first pathetic
attempts because those are hilarious.  I suppose it could
be he's just gifted and needed no practice?
Here's hoping he can at least tell time better than our
last rooster who crowed whenever and wherever
he darned well felt like it.

Above are the golden comets (brown eggs).

Bernadette, one of the Easter Eggers.  Their 
"beards" amuse me...and make for funny pictures.
(She's the friendliest)

Olive eggers--note the small head tufts.
(Obviously, olive eggs--love these!)
In the back left is a French Copper Maran.
(Dark brown eggs)

Cuckoo Marans--first time with these.
(Dark brown eggs)

...and a very white Easter-egger.
I also have a dark gray Easter-egger (not pictured).
 I had to confirm the identity of both of these with the
hatchery due to their unique [to me] coloring.  These
lay beautiful pastel eggs, usually in blue-hues and
occasionally greenish. Even more rare are the 
pinkish-brown eggs--I have never gotten any.
But anyway, thus the name "Easter Egger".

Needless to say, we don't need to color eggs
for Easter.  Nature does it better.
(In all, 18 hens & one rooster.)

Okay, about that new sewing machine.
I know most have a second smaller and lighter
machine but so far I haven't really needed one.
Still, over the last year or so I've been kind of
watching for a much simpler version of my Elna.

I have mentioned that, with the empty nest and all,
I've started doing some extra sewing while I watch
football and movies with the hubs over the weekends.
Moving the big machine around just wasn't working
so I upped my search and finally found this one for
a lovey low price.  It took a little getting used to a
lighter version but it seems to be a nice solid
machine and it can share bobbins and feet.
I wanted everything to be fluid--no extra pieces!

So, what's the plan for this week?

My To-Do's:

1) Bind and completely finish the garlic knots.

2) Complete quilting on West Point.
My goal here is to make sure it's done before the
Shop Hop--or I can't go...
Okay, nothing will stop me from going on that
shop hop but it's good to have motivation.

3) Work on new Mini-Double Nine-Patch.
Here's where the "squirrel" comes in.
I can only do so much quilting at a time so
I needed to start another project.

I really wanted to keep working with the fall colors.
After all, today is just the first day of fall!
Some of these are in the garlic knots quilt but I've
brought in others; I've left out the blacks,
purple and blues. I kept it only to the colors of the
fall leaves rather than all of fall so, believe it or not,
 this one already has a name:
I realize these are more like October for Kansas
but these are the colors that fill my mind in
September so I am naming it accordingly.

The new machine and I became much better
 acquainted over the weekend while making
lots of strip sets and the first few blocks.

I have lots of cutting and piecing ahead yet
but I'd like to get a good start on the
90 blocks by next week.
(I'm making it larger as it's for a Christmas gift.)
The finished squares are a tiny 3/4".
If you think I'm crazy, it really is enjoyable.
Perfect for listening to a book.

(The directions are in a recent MSQC Block book

4) West Point Table Runners
I have plans for these.  Really!  I'm just not
sure they'll happen this week or next.  See #5.

5) Gardening stuff
Oh just whatever I get done will get done.
I'm taking care of some other winter-prep things like
getting the chimney cleaned, appointments, etc.
Nothing special but things that you feel good after
completing--especially so early--so we'll just
leave it at that.

And so, happy quilting to all and to all a good week!

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Debbie said...

A full menu for the week....I personally love the wonky pumpkin. He is quite attractive:) Garlic knots finished up just grand.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the eggs and the pumpkins! instead of getting a smaller machine I decided as all my old machines were not dependable I would get another sewing machine almost the same as my newest machine as I liked it the new one is slightly larger and has more stitches - now I should have two dependable machines

grammajudyb said...

Thanks for all the chicken pictures. Being a city girl, I am always amazed at the different varieties of chickens and their eggs. I love the bluish green ones! Our city is again considering if chickens may be kept in the city limits! One rule is , “no roosters”!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Pumpkins were perfect for quilting on your Garlic Knots quilt! I suddenly have a new burst of mini pumpkins growing, too, and I'm wondering if they will make it. No frost predicted where we live yet. Love seeing your chickens and eggs - they are fascinating to me!

piecefulwendy said...

Love the wonky pumpkin, I like those best! The pumpkin quilting is lovely and perfect. Fun seeing all the chicks hanging out at your place, but what happened to the rooster who crowed whenever - did I miss something? A new project is always a good thing, too!

Bonnie said...

I am not a fan of eggs but I love to see the hens and roosters. They are really quite beautiful. Your escapee pumpkin is great. It's so cool here that pumpkins are now for sale. (nope, not a gardener at all and not enough property to grow some anyway.) You're garlic knot quilt is lovely. Hope you get your goals done this week.

Vicki in MN said...

I am not really a chicken person, but I really did enjoy seeing your fancy ones! And those eggs are really cool.
You did have a pretty darn good week. And those pumpkins on your porch, so pretty. What kind is that brighter orange small one front and center.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Most of the time I move my Featherweight into the living room, but I also bring one of the hand cranks. Having several extra machines makes it easy to pick one. I like the chickens. Now I'm hungry for eggs;)

Sharon - IN said...

That's some pretty pumpkin quilting on garlic knot! Perfect for your Fall bed! Thanks for the tour of your homestead.

Needled Mom said...

I hope that pumpkin makes it before the first frost! That’s such a nice fall pants. May I ask the name of it? They’re aren’t many really fun ones. It sounds like you have a full plate of projects to keep you stitching.

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