01 July 2020

July Monthly Goal

Happy July to all!

I love the patriotic colors and decor that come
with this month but I do not like its heat.
Triple-digit temps aren't my idea of fun.
I love that we're now on our way back to shorter days!
Sure, I love the sun to be up early but I also like my
mornings and evenings cool.  Give me fall and spring
for working outside and winter for resting and focusing
on "things of the hearth" but summer is just too long!

Now that we've established my likes and dislikes,
how about my monthly goal for July?
I just realized this morning that to join in on the
OMGoal, I'm supposed to link up my goal at the
beginning as well as my finish at the end.
Oops--I was doing these all as one post so
I apologize for being a little repetitive but,
as stated in my to-do's this week,
my July goal is to completely finish this quilt:

Let the quilting begin!
It should be an easily-obtained goal, even if it's a pretty
big one--queen-sized.  I'll see everyone at the end of the
month with a complete finish--binding, label and all,
and I'll be happily looking forward to August and, even
more so, September when things think about cooling
down for good!

Happy quilting and good luck on your goals!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love cooler morning and evening hours too - but I like long days :) it is too hot in July and August usually to do much outside - love your quilt

Deb A said...

Good luck on reaching your goal this month. Your quilt is beautiful.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I hear ya - summer just dragssssssssss. It's winter here right now and I love this time of year (except for the very short afternoons). Good luck with your OMG this month.

piecefulwendy said...

I'm much more of a cool weather kid than I am this hot/humid weather, so I get what you are saying. Yippee - the quilting begins! It's going to be gorgeous!

Suz J said...

I do love a good Irish chain layout! Looking fabulous! 😍😍

Debbie said...

Yes, so agree! And the quilt looks great. It will turn out wonderful.

Patty said...

Enjoy! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

Needled Mom said...

lol. I am just the opposite! I get so bummed that the days are getting shorter. We’re still waiting for some heat here. Maybe next week. Have fun with the quilting.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your star quilt is so beautiful! I love your colors and fabric prints. Good luck on your finish!

Rebecca Grace said...

..By the way, I LOVE the name of your blog! Do you have an espresso machine at home? I do most of my blog reading/writing in the morning, while drinking MY latte, too!

Kate said...

I'm not fond of the triple digit temps either. Though it is a good excuse to hang in the sewing room. Good luck with your OMG for July.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Cheree, your quilt top is so beautiful! It will be quite the treasure when quilted. Hot here too! Happy Sewing.

Kim said...

Why, I love all that summer brings to me. =) Fall and lovely cooler days will soon be visiting your little part of the world.

Kim said...

Why, I love all that summer brings to me. =) Fall and lovely cooler days will soon be visiting your little part of the world.

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