Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Now that we've all got Lionel Richie singing
in our heads, today I'm showing how things are
shaping up with my 30's quilt.

But first, I have to show the new arrivals!

Eighteen of these little fluffy girls--and one guy.
I especially like the photo-bomber on the right there
who hopped in at the last second to see what was up.
I'll share more on those in another post.

Okay, just for a recap,
here is where I left off last Sunday: 

By Tuesday eve, all blocks were completed:

At this point I needed to try out some sashing but after
hitting a few local/regional quilt shops, I came up with
just one possibility, and I was not enthusiastic about it.
Just not what I had in mind at all.
But when I put a few trial pieces up I found it to be,
hey, not too bad.  I do like it without the sashing
but I have to get this quilt bigger so on it goes!

That decision was easier than I thought it'd be.
In fact, all of this has been pretty easy.  And fun.
I'm very hopeful that I'll have the entire portion
put together in time for the Tuesday To-Do link-up.
So, I'll see you all then!

Happy Sunday!
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Chantal said…
I too like it more without the sashing but it is pretty with it too. ;^)
love the baby chicks - I always thought it would be fun to have chickens but hubby wants no animals of any kind to help take care of! I love that quilt you are making.
Raewyn said…
Gosh you've made great progress in just a week - your quilt is looking good - and yes, the sashing does work! I got some new little chicks this week too - only 7 - but as it's winter mine are still inside in a box on newspaper. Yours look very happy.
Debbie said…
yes, better without the sashing...but! You are carrying the red diagonal thru it and the the greenish sashing is nice and compliments. Sooooo.....it works. Looking good.
Needled Mom said…
Welcome to the new arrivals! Wow! You really made headway on your quilt. It looks great.
Kim said…
Oh, how sweet your little chicks, and the photo bomber...too cute. As for your beautiful quilt....just wow! So much incredible piecing to be seen and as for the sashing your have decided upon, it is truly inspired. This is going to be an amazing quilt. I can't wait to visit your lovely place again to see the beautiful progress you have made.
Vicki in MN said…
Oh the baby chicks remind me of my childhood growing up on a farm and getting baby chicks. Oh I loved those soft little cuties! Putting sashing in that quilt really changes the look, I like it either way;)
Cute babies ;) You made incredible progress on your quilt, all blocks are done! This sashing looks great!
Thank you for sharing your pretty top with Patchwork & Quilts link party ;)
Cute chicks! How long until they are big enough to lay eggs?