Tuesday To-Do's

If there is any good to come of this madness, it'll
be that we all get some projects done, right?
How did everyone else do this past week with
so much distraction?

We now have one son back home from West Point
 and the other back from Creighton.
Both will be doing online classes--for now.
Our daughters both live in our city so I'm a content
mom, knowing everyone is nearby.

I'm no hoarder but there were some basics that I had
to pick up simply because our household just doubled.
(More when you consider both boys men are very physically
active!   And they are so frustrated with the gyms closed!)
There were garden seeds to purchase, appointments to
attend and other errands to take care of before getting
 stuck at home for good so I just didn't get much
sewing done.  It does feel great to have all that
extra stuff done and to be able to just. stay. home.

Last week's To-Do's

1)  Finish Irish chain quilt
Sadly, it's still just loaded and ready to go.
I haven't been feelin' it but this is normal when I don't
have large chunks of time--that's changing for sure!

2)  Make some blocks for son's America quilt
I haven't made blocks but I've gotten all the HST's
made up and trimmed to size. 

Those 320 HST's took a hella long time to trim 
especially with so many other things going on
so this is just gonna fulfill this to-do for the week!
Good thing I have a massage tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm sneaking out one more time,
 if they remain open that is.

3) Two more Farmer's Wife blocks

Only one completed this week.

4)  Knitting
I upped my "get back into it" knitting game a little
this week and threw in a project with cables.
Remember that the only knitting I'm doing
right now is while watching tv...

This Irish Hiking Scarf pattern would be a great intro
to cables, btw.  Nice and repetitive--almost mindless.

I did NOT choose well with my yarn however.
In person you really can sorta see the cable--in
the above pic, it's hard to make them out.
But I'm already in and I don't feel like frogging
so I think I'm just going ahead with it.
A lesson re-learned, though.
Yes, I've done this before!  UGH!

5) If it dries enough:  some gardening. 
Especially planting potatoes and onions.
It's muddy and there's more rain predicted.
Oh, the frustration.

One other big thing I did get done was a complete
cleaning and re-organizing of my sewing room.
I purged my scraps down to almost nil; I purged
yarn, quilt magazines and books and I even
"purged" my embroidery machine--which is
practically brand new but requires Windows 98
and so is therefore obsolete and has been a very,
very sore subject with me.  Hubs got me that as
a surprise gift--boy did we get burned!
Time to let it go.
Anyway, my room is as organized as ever!
Perfect timing now that I'll be spending so
much time in it.

Plans for the next week.  This all should be do-able
seeing as how we're not going anywhere.

1) Irish chain quilt
Will she finally get it quilted!?!?

2) Son's America quilt
This is my main focus this week.
I will have blocks to show next week!

3)  Knitting
Just show some progress.

4) Gardening
This is up to the weather but the rule is to plant those
potatoes on St. Patrick's Day so that needs to happen
asap!  At the very least, I should be able to do some
clean-up all around.

Please stay calm and happy quilting!

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Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Oh man, I just love that block for the America quilt. It is Gorgeous! I cannot wait to see more blocks for this project. Also, I look forward to seeing how you quilt the Irish Chain quilt. I make that pattern for baby quilts often but haven't quilted one in a while. Thanks for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne
You have a busy household now. Distractions. I'm still working, so I don't really have much extra time to stitch.