A Better Tuesday To-Do

Tomorrow is April.
Some of what is ahead might be uncertain but other
things are not.  I'm certain the weather will warm up,
the sun will shine and the trees and flowers will bloom.
I'm also certain I'll be in the garden and I'm
really certain I'll still be making quilts.

I've picked the pace up a bit this past week.
That probably has to do with the fact that our whole
state is now under the stay at home order. 
And I can't get inside a single blasted coffee shop.

Let's just cut straight on to the Got-Dones:

1) Irish Chain:  Just keep going!

Well guess what?

I solved the thread issue and this baby is done.

Labeled, binding on and ready for Christmas.
Seem a long way away?  Well, time flies
and this is one of those years where I'm
going to be very, very ready!

2) America quilt:  Sew all blocks together;
look into border options and maybe get them on.

More progress!
Once I got my blocks together, I discovered it was
going to take a lot of border to bring this to a queen
quilt and that much border needs some creativity.

Sorry, just a quick snapped pic.
The sides will show well on a bed so I decided to put
on flying geese; one more wider strip of blue will go on
after these.  I expect that will tone the whole thing down a bit.
The bed frame has a foot that will hide the bottom of the quilt
so I'll keep that simple.  The top, however, will be folding
over the pillows so I have some work to do there.  This is my
One Monthly Goal for March so I'll be working hard today to
see what I can get done before tomorrow.

3) Cable scarf:  just make more progress.

I got just a little more done.

4) Farmer's Wife quilt blocks:  at least one but more is better.

Two more completed:  #31 & #32

5) Whatever gardening the weather will allow.

Hallelujah, I finally got into the garden!
The bed above is still getting prepped with leaves and
other compost but I do have one bed filled up with
potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, radishes, lettuces
and cabbages.  It is a lot of work for someone with
a bad back but it's worth it.  These early veggies
are the biggest issue; I can spread out planting
the later crops in the remaining six beds over the next
months. Oh, and the herb beds.  And then I also have
the strawberry bed that is greening up nicely and spears
are starting to pop up in the asparagus bed.
Bring on the apocalypse!

Other things I got done?

Comfort baking--too much!

The best, easiest, no-fail, perfectly-crispy
yet gooey every time chocolate chip cookies.
I never make any other recipe.
 I also made a couple batches of sour dough baguettes and
of course I've been cooking up bigger meals for a bigger
household.  I love how everyone is getting into bread-making,
btw.  That being said, I'm getting back on track for Lent now.
Think extreme: absolutely no salt, sugar, wheat, fats, dairy
and so on--and no chemicals which means all organic.
(If only the garden was kicking out veggies now!)
One cup of organic coffee is a legal "cheat".
It's rough but worth it. I'll have no cravings, feel great,
my allergies practically disappear and weight drops off.

Anyway, now is not the time to be indulging in unhealthy
things, especially sugar. I'd really like to see more of that 
ammo when it comes to beating this virus but I'll stop there.

The coop gets cleaned quite often--every few weeks or so.
I don't really pay attention to time, just do it when it needs
done but this time I sewed up a new topper--thin
so as to not cut out any light--and added a section of rock
in front of the coop (in the run) for cleanliness issues.  Hubs
still needs to grab more rock but after last night's rain,
I'm sure the difference will be noticeable already.

My To-Do's for next week:

1)  Finish the entire top of the Americana quilt.

2) Two more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks

3)  Knitting:  show more progress

4)  Gardening/outdoor work:  whatever weather allows
Hopefully I'll get more things into the herb beds.

Happy quilting!

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Debbie said…
The quilts look great and the garden is coming along! You have really put the time at home in forced isolation and gotthings rolling. Very proud of you. Better than me...lol.
Bernie Kringel said…
Jeez - you are like the Energizer Bunny - that is a whole lot done!!
This year our asparagus is coming up and is so skinny - it's weird and we don't know what happened? Like skinnier than a pipe cleaner? Any ideas?? My husband has the rotation going too - lettuce (tons), radishes, beets, potatoes, cabbage and cauliflower. So the garden is in great shape, no thanks to me!
Love your post as always.
I love your Irish Chain quilt! Nice finish! How wonderful that you can be planting your garden already, too.
Unknown said…
I love both quilts! The border treatment on the Americana quilt is stunning!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Good luck with the America quilt and your March OMG. I hope you get it all wrapped up today. The quilting pattern on your Irish Chain quilt is just gorgeous. Is it a specific pattern or did you just freehand it? I love that color on the backing fabric - it compliments the front colors so nicely. Yay to getting out in the garden. I'll have to give our asparagus a glance. It seems it should be coming up already. Thanks so much for linking up this week and stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne
Joyful Quilter said…
Busy as always. Lots of great progress. It has been rainy and yucky here, no yard work for me...oh darn (not).
I'm not getting any of MY projects worked on, only face masks. Asparagus, YUM!