21 February 2020

Rotary Cutter Winner!

I've been keeping my nose-to-the-needle
as I've started saying these days.

I now have all three baby quilts quilted up and have
begun binding/labeling them.  Check back next
Tuesday when I show the full pics for the link ups.

I also started on a hat to match the scarf I
made for our grandson.  Lovecrafts was
kind enough to send me so much yarn that
I wanted to do more with it than just that
scarf.  I might even pop out some mittens,
though I'm not sure I'm warmed up enough
to do a tiny little dpn project.  Still, I seem to
be picking it all back up pretty quickly.

I also finished my stash-busting project--just a scarf
for a church bazaar in the fall.  More on that next
Tuesday as well.

Okay, enough catching up! 

Time for the hubs to pick the winner
of the rotary cutter!

Hubs picked #4:

annemarie said...
I follow you on instagram!

So Annemarie if you check, 
there should be an email from me to
get this rotary cutter on its way to its 
new home.

Happy quilting!


annemarie said...

Thank you Cheree - It is so exciting to be a winner!

Kate said...

The baby quilt is so pretty, love those bold colors with the crisp white.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Congrats to Annemarie. Good for you to use that left over yarn. Much easier to use it now than to add it to your stash! Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol

Needled Mom said...

You have had your nose to the needles! Nice work. Congratulations to Annemarie.

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