Grandson's Scarf Completed & Quilting Progress

I've completed my first knitting project of the year!

As I've stated, it's been a few years since I picked
up the needles so I started with the simple
 team scarf pattern that knitted up nicely
(and quickly, even for a slightly rusty knitter)

(Sailor Blue & Slate Gray) 

While I wait for my grandson to be available
for modeling, our stair rail has to fill in as a temp.
Hopefully this weekend I can get a pic of him wearing it.

It is so great to be back at it and I can not wait
to pick out my next project.  Hubs is kind of after a scarf,
I'm wanting to do a tiny beret for our granddaughter
and I'm also wanting to finish up some UFOs.

In quilty news, I've made some good progress.

I tried out a new pantograph on the farm quilt.
It took forever to get into the "groove" of it but I should
be good to go on the next quilt I choose to use it on.

It just needs binding and a label--my goal for today.
I've been going crazy having so many things started
so it will feel great to get this project completed too.

With the frame empty, I loaded up another top.
(I can't believe I had 3 ready!)

The design I chose for my Snow Love quilt is
another first for me and it has proven to be the most
challenging so far--just as I thought it would be.

It's incredibly slow-going but I'm starting to get
the feel of it and I love how it looks.  I can only do a
couple rows at a time before my back tells me to switch
over to something else (like binding another quilt!) so this
should take me at least several days.  This is one of those
details that makes it very hard to put a price on a quilt!

  Quilting fills the days and knitting ties up the evenings.
Is it any wonder why I like winter so much?
The birds have been singing so I know spring is just around
the corner.  Just a month before the garden starts calling...

Happy quilting and knitting!


Debbie said…
The scarf is great! Love how the quilting is coming along on the Christmas quilt. Swirls are so pretty here. Keep taking those breaks, as they are important.