A big goal this year is to make tons of gifts.
Many quilts will be going out but for it won't be the
first time some of these have received a quilt from me.
I think this kind of begs the question:  
Just how many quilts can/should you give a person?
(It probably just depends on the person, right?)

I've been thinking about this, and also about how I miss
knitting.  Maybe it's the frigid temps bringing on all these
thoughts of warm, hand-knitted items but I'm itching to get
back at it.  Since I can't seem to quilt in large blocks of time
without hitting the pain meds--and I'd like to keep my liver
and kidneys young, thank you--I need to rotate in
something else that has me making things.
I think I need to go back to being a multi-crafter.
Those needles need to come back down
from their perch on top of the fabric cabinet.

(Anyone else have knitting needles stashed away?)
They need to get back to work making
scarves, gloves, hats, socks...and if you just added
in "sweaters" you're my hero.  #lifegoals.

Obviously the greatest thing about knitting is all of the
fun, furry things you can make but next, I love that you can
knit just about anywhere, anytime.  And I think that there's
no better project for road trips.  It gives my hands something
to do besides mindless web surfing while watching a football
game or movie with the hubs/fam.  If you're a multi-tasker,
listening to books while knitting is a great way to cross two
things off the want-to-do list at once, especially if you learn
how to pair knitting projects to your reading.
It's an easy skill, easier than wine-pairing
(my favorite part of drinking wine).
Take Anne of Green Gables--set in Canada.
Obvious.  It's freezing up there!
And I really, really would like all that snow.
Snow+ freezing = mittens, scarves and hats.
Or Jane Austen books.  England.
Damp.  Sheep.  Wool.  Sweaters.
Easy peasy.
Btw, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society is one of
the most well-done audiobooks I've ever listened to.
Better than a movie.  The Netflix movie that came out not too
long ago was pretty good but not near as enjoyable as the audio.
Well, IMO.  It's an excellent knit-along book.  And if anything,
you'll answer the question of where that odd name comes from.

Need some inspiration?

Some of the cutest knitting projects out there
are for babies and toddlers.

Now that my friends and I are starting to become
grandmas, I'm gaining plenty of cuties to gift items
like these to.  I always wish I'd known how to knit
when my kids were little!

Oh my gosh!!!

For more inspiration, check out LoveCrafts.
There are lots of free patterns and
they're having their Huge January Sale!
The Best of 2019 is also worth a look.
(They also have sewing/quilting and cross-stitch/embroidery
sections along with various notions for the multi-crafters.)

Have you ever done any knitting?
What was your first (or favorite) project?
Have you ever gifted a knitting project?

I would love to hear of any air travel advice
any knitters out there might have.  I've read
that you can take the needles on board but
I've been too afraid to try, though I've always 
thought wooden ones should be safe enough.

It turns out my cat seems to agree that it's time.
I kid you knot, as I typed away at this post, 
she just stood up and did this:

It is possible she was after my little chicken up there
but I can't remember her ever doing this before.
No hints needed though, Chloe.  I'm on it.

I already pulled out my knitting UFO's for a look.
Unlike quilting, I do have actual UFO's with my knitting.
WHY?  I'm not real sure but I would have to guess that
it's because they're smaller and so easily tucked away.

What I Found
(aka, Fess-Up Time):

stocking hat
(odd stitch-change at brim; maybe I can figure it out now?)
fingerless glove
(overly ambitious for me at the time; can likely do now)
(dropped a stitch & can't figure out where; the orderly person
in me can't seem to just add another and move on)
Baby Blanket
(missed an entire row but can't find where)
Cabled Beret
(most recent and ambitious project; excited to pick back up!)
3 dish scratchers
(2 done, one half-finished)

Just add ALL of these to my 2020 plans.  They will
likely require me seeking professional knitting help
(especially that blanket)
but hopefully I can force myself
to tuck my little knitter's tail and do it.
You all know how much I dislike UFO's.
In fact, I already sat down and finished that 3rd dishcloth on
the spot.  Getting the rest of these done would be huge.

Happy quilting...and knitting!


Cheryll said…
Visiting from 1XiaM... & its nice to meet you.
Beautiful knitting by the way... xox
Fiona said…
Hi Cheree, popping over after reading your One Christmas post.... I do have a knitting UFO... only one mind you... one sock needs a partner - I learnt to knit socks last year. Looks like you have lots of lovely projects to play with...
I read the Guernsey book a while back. It was good. I haven't seen the movie.