17 January 2020

The Impatient Quilter

I found I just couldn't wait on the Irish Chain QAL.
I started my own Irish Chain/9-patch using directions
from MSQC for a little guidance and fabric amounts.

I pulled out all the greens my stash could offer
and made my own 2.5" strips.
Now there's more room, more order and
more knowledge of what's in there.
I think a scrap-busting project should be tackled
at the beginning of every year and before any major
fabric shopping trips (yes, that's a hint).

I had just enough of a soft creamy fabric on a bolt
that has been hanging around for 3 or 4 years.
A third bolt emptied in as many weeks.
I also moved out a lot of scraps.
This is a scrap happy project!

And yep, I finished the entire top already.

"Picnic" approx 80" x 80"

I added just a small ivory border and stepped back.
I really like this simple look so there it is.  Done.
I'm calling it Picnic.  Or maybe Spring Picnic?
It's very dreary out so yeah, yeah:  lousy lighting.
The greens are really quite cheery and cozy at the same time.

This green will likely be the binding.
I'm holding off on the backing for now (back to that hint).
If I don't find a better backing, I'll pull a neutral from the stash.  

For now, it's hanging out here on top of quilt #1.
Both are Christmas gifts.
Who's on a roll?!?
This quilter!
(Who's also still listening to Christmas music.
My sewing room.  My rules!)

I've had a rather fickle and impulsive start to this year.
Maybe because I've been trying to quickly achieve a lot
of goals that can instead of just being creative doing
the things I want to do when I can do them.  (Confusing?)
Those can still be one in the same but I think I'd
better at least stick to my own sort of schedule.
Winter is the time I get the most quilting done so maybe
QAL's are, for me, better in the warm months.

Today is technically Farmer's Wife Friday and I have
3 more blocks to complete so off I go.
And after that, I'm starting quilt #4!
It's cold and rainy and thinking about icing up.
A great day to be inside!

Happy quilting.


Debbie said...

Wonderful! I just love single Irish Chain designs! And there is nothing wrong with making up your own jelly roll combo either. And this pattern is perfect to add applique to either in the border or on the squares if you like. Who needs a QAL when they are ready to sew:)

Joyful Quilter said...

Very pretty, and very quick.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That was a quick finish. The best time to watch Christmas movies is in the summer, when it is hot. I like to see snow then, it cools me off.

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