25 January 2020

Team Scarf Pattern & Craft Journal Printout

We are all so excited for this year's Super Bowl!
This is Chiefs Kingdom, the loudest fans in the NFL,
and our team colors are being worn everywhere.

With Super Bowl in just a little over a week,
I thought this would be a great time to share an
easy knitted scarf--I'm talking weekend-easy--that
is perfect for showing your team colors.
(If knitting isn't your thing--wha?!?--stick with me here
because I have something to share for all crafters in a bit.)

This free Team Scarves and Hats pattern is the perfect
go-to for outfitting everyone in time for the game.
To keep it handy, you can load it up in your library
over at the LoveCrafts site.

If you're not a football fan, March Madness is just around
the corner.  Or maybe you, like me, just have a cutie
(or two) who's in need of a scarf to match his coat.

When I was recently approached by LoveCrafts, I was happily
surprised and excited. Just the nudge I needed to pick up
those needles again.  After a little surfing around their website,
which I really enjoy (perhaps too much!) for inspiration,
I decided that it truly would be my pleasure to work with them.
(Hmmm, suddenly craving Chick-Fil-A...)

For my first "back at knitting" project, I chose this
PAINTBOX Simply Aran yarn.  It's wonderfully soft,
comes in 50 beautiful colors and is very affordable.
It's also machine-washable which makes it
a perfect choice for my grandson's scarf.

Can you forget how to knit or is it like riding a bike?
Turns out no you can't forget--I'm already peddling away. 
The method I use for casting on always
takes a second to remember but once I get the needles
and yarn in my hands correctly, they know what to do.
Muscle memory.
It's kind of fun to watch it in action.

Within minutes, a scarf began appearing.
(Please, you seasoned knitters out there, do not
judge my knitting...yet.  I'm still getting warmed up.)
Seeing the pattern develop never gets old.
Poor hubs.  Me:  "Look, look!  How cool is that?!"
Ah, he's a trooper.  With my quilting and my knitting.

Like quilting, I always want to try it all. 
So many fabrics and blocks; yarns, patterns and techniques.
You makers out there know what I mean.

Here's a little something for everyone
no matter your craft:
Out of all the printouts floating around
(and I think I've seen them all)
I found this to be the best at developing inspiration
for projects.  It also has several different project pages,
lists and general crafty journaling.  Check it out.

The weekend forecast calls for knitting with
a good chance of a little quilting.

Happy quilting and weekend knitting!

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