31 January 2020

Farmer's Wife Friday #4

Week 4.
 It's early in the game but after struggling through start-up,
 I think I'm getting this thing down. I'm sure I just needed
to find my routine.  And this, more than any quilt I have
ever made, requires routine--and organization.
It now (knock on wood) seems to be smooth sailing.
I just try to pop one out before jumping into my regular
project or when I have that short bit of free time.

So far, I've just been kind of grabbing the first happy
fabric combo that I find but it's becoming very
apparent that I'm avoiding certain fabrics.
These next few weeks I'm going to have to work
at getting some of those others in, whether they
are "happy" or not.  That's not going to be easy,
especially in looking over the next pages.
There are a lot of complicated blocks coming up.
Time to slow that fabric selection part down. 

But, enough of the technicalities.
Without further ado, here are my blocks for the week:



(there are blue dots in that green fabric to pull these together)

Today's blocks aren't the prettiest combos but
I'm crossing my fingers that, in the end, everything
will look fine.  At the very least, it will probably look
legit since I really doubt perfectly coordinated fabrics
in a quilt made back in the 1920's ever happened.
Quilts were made with scraps, right?

Happy quilting!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The blocks look great, and the colors all go together.

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