Farmer's Wife Friday #2

Okay, that week went by too fast.
Is it Friday already?
(This is posting Saturday morning but it's Friday
as I write this so it counts as Friday, right??)

It has not taken me long to discover that cutting tiny
pieces with tiny templates can really (and I mean really!)
add to my back and neck pain so I am already showing
up one piece short of my weekly goal.  On week 2.
Still, 5 out of 6 isn't too bad, and I may be able to fit
an extra one in next week, though I don't think I should
do more than one (or two?) at a time from now on.

Okay.  Here are my 5 blocks for the week:

Check out this first one.
Not too shabby, eh?
I try not to get overly hung up on
perfect points but I do aim for them.
Achieving them makes happy and content.
That has to be therapeutic.

In blocks this small, I really expected it to be
an issue but so far, nope.

Notice I'm fitting in more ivories now.

This one has a few not-so-perfect points
but I think when set among 110 blocks it won't
be noticeable.  And frankly, cutting all of these
little triangles with a template had me hurting
beyond caring for sure.  There might be some sort of
"connection to the past" when using templates but I
think I'm going to have to start using more modern
methods when it comes to HST's, for example.

Here is that pesky little basket that I started last week,
now with its handle fixed.  I'm a little rusty on my
hand-applique but I do enjoy it.

I've finally had a chance to sit down and read some
of the contest letters that go with these blocks.
These are from an earlier and simpler time but
growing up on a farm myself, I can easily relate
especially when some seem to have the voices
of my own parents and other relatives.

"It must be admitted that country life has neither many
thrills nor frills, but it offers instead what is of more
value to earnest men and women:  wholesome living
conditions, an excellent moral environment, opportunity
for mental growth and spiritual development, and
possibilities of real and lasting happiness."

I suppose these things could be had in other
places but there really was a time this was
so very true of most rural living.
A little nostalgia to go with your quilting. 

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Your blocks look great. Hope next week isn't as painful.
Debbie said…
Blocks look great and I sure understand the pain. That is why I have been very inactive lately. Don't push just enjoy the progress you do make.