A Farmer's Wife Quilt Beginning: First Blocks

Today is Farmer's Wife Friday.
I'm a little late to the party but I am doing this.

Here are the fabrics on the menu:

Several years ago, I splurged on Kim Diehl's
"Sunday Best" FQ set when it came on sale:

Later I found the charm packs--all Henry Glass
but not all Kim Diehl.  Note that this is me using up
more precuts--and am I using them up!  I've
been working from the two dark charm packs
before going to the FQ's.  Perhaps not the most
efficient use for them but I'm okay with that.

I also have a good amount of yardage of this ivory
from the collection.  Perhaps sashing?
A bonus to dragging one's feet on a big project:
you can just keep collecting fabric for it. 

My goal is to complete a minimum of 6 blocks every week,
posting the progress on Fridays.  I'm also keeping track
of the entire process (along with helpful notes, tricks, etc)
on a separate page on the "Farmer's Wife" tab above.  

Without further ado, here are my first 6:

I have a 7th finished but the appliqued handle (bias cut)
on the little basket still needs some coaxing--meaning
I'm going to have to sew it down by hand. 

My husband's grandma--a mother of 4 boys--would
always say about basketball:  
"If you're not fouling, you're not playing."
My quilting twist on this is:
If I'm not learning, I'm not quilting.
It's not be exactly correct but it's what I try to stick to.
Maybe I should put it in a broader spectrum:
If you're not learning, you're not living.

What I've learned so far:
1) These are fast.  Six sounds like a lot but they are small
(6.5" unfinished) and many are simple.  (Not that last one!)
2) I prefer a little ivory background in each block.
My eyes want it and I'm hoping the blocks will be
less busy and the quilt a little simpler with it in there.
I'll be fitting it in wherever I can.
3) And the obvious:  I'm trying out tons of new blocks--fun!

It's dark, rainy and cold with snow in the forecast.
Starting another quilt today but I'll be back
next Friday with 6 more Farmer's Wife blocks!

Happy quilting!