16 November 2019

Snow on the Farm

It was a pretty easy week around here.
I'm continuing with my "one major holiday prep chore"
per day but due to the extreme cold earlier in the week,
absolutely no yard work has been done.  Of course,
it's not really a priority like holidays and quilts.
I am enjoying the house getting a deep clean
but I'm still trying to get used to a slower progress
in the sewing room. 

I've completed the major portion of my tree quilt.
Next on will be a black border and then more snow.
For now I'm calling it Snow on the Farm.
Sure it has farm-style trees and snow all around,
but calling it Snow on the Farm immediately brings
to mind snowy days when I was little and that's
a pretty happy thought.  I'm sure if my dad were
alive today he'd scoff at me a little for romanticizing.
For him, snow meant dealing with livestock in rough
conditions, pulling out the occasional traveller
who thought they could make it through our
then-country dirt road (now a paved 4-lane)
and all other manners of hardships that come
with being a farmer and country living.

I drove through a little of the countryside yesterday
when I headed up to see my favorite quilt shop for
clearance items.  I wasn't quite as lucky as I'd hoped.
The above fabric matches well enough for a backing
but doesn't quite fit the theme or style.  However, it's just
going on our bed and I'm not picky, especially for $5/yd.

I also snatched up 7+ yards of Kansas Troubles fabric
for the same price.  I really like how all of her fabrics
match--no worries about it "working".   It always does.

While I was off snatching up fabric, I left the
Christmas pudding simmering on the stove.
It's probably not the safest thing to do but I'd already
started its 3-hour "water bath" and the timing would be
perfect to pull it right out when I got back.

Off it goes into the pantry till Christmas when I drown it in
brandy or some other alcohol and light it on fire.
No, I'm not British but I am very traditional.
This particular recipe is for Irish Christmas Pudding with
Irish Whiskey and Guinness.  I really haven't found a recipe
 that I'm in love with but it's more about the tradition.
I like the spices in this one so I am hopeful it might
be the one, the keeper.  We'll see...
But anyway, one more thing checked of the to-do's!

I came across a keeper when I tried out this
washi tape while making Snow on the Farm.

I usually draw a line in pencil or use masking tape for sewing
diagonally (HST's or whatever) but this reasonably-priced
washi tape looked a little too handy to pass up.

With flat shipping, I ordered a couple rolls so
I should be set for life there.  Totally worth it.

Had I realized I would end up at a quilt shop yesterday,
I would not have ordered online the black fabric for the next
border on Snow on the Farm.  Perhaps that will be a good
thing, though, so that I can focus more on preparing
for a relaxed Thanksgiving holiday.  It will be our
cadet-son's first time home in 5 months and therefore
the first time we'll all be together in all that time.
We also have a new little member of the family.  Just
lots of things to enjoy with family--and not be in the kitchen.
My plan for this week is to work on:
freeze-able cranberry and pumpkin breads
and cookie doughs; slicing and dicing of celery, onions
and carrots for various recipes; homemade noodles;
grocery shopping; cleaning.
You get the idea.  Every little bit helps.

Happy quilting and holiday baking!


Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE your trees! Is the "gingham" fussy cut or pieced? You're the second person today to mention the diagonal seam tape. I've used blue painters tape in a similar manner in the past, I'll have to keep an eye out of it.

Needled Mom said...

I love the trees. That is really going to be a fun quilt. Yes, fantasies about the snow for folks like are dad are actually nightmares.

That pudding looks delicious. I hope it ends up being the keeper.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like that polka dot fabric. Have a good Thanksgiving with your son.

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