04 November 2019

Seeing More of America's History & New Quilt Started

After a great time at Parent's Weekend,
the hubs and I said goodbye to our cadet at West Point
and headed down to Philadelphia.

Independence Hall

A couple years ago we visited the famous historical
sites in Boston and drove down to Quincy
to see the home of John and Abigail Adams.

Liberty Bell

This visit to Philadelphia allowed us to visually fill in
even more pieces of the Revolution.

Site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

So much of the styles and designs of this era are my favorite.

Like these chairs.  Maybe it's weird that I get excited about
chairs but I've always wanted a bench in this style.
I've have never quite found one but maybe I'll do a little
more active looking now.  In fact, I'd like to incorporate
a little more of the Colonial style in our home.

It turns out these chairs are all just replicas.  Except for
that one at that head table where George Washington
presided--it's the real deal.

I couldn't get enough of the houses in the historical area.
And another love of mine:  window boxes.

And shutters.
And these doors.  And all these colors.
(I loved seeing these styles in England and Ireland, too.)

More window boxes.  

I kind of felt like the Beatles should be walking across...

I took a silly amount of pics but it was all just
so perfect, especially with the fall weather and leaves.
Btw, we did grab some Philly Cheesesteaks
'cuz, you know, when in Philly....!

Also when in Philly, you have to run up the "Rocky Steps"
which we did, and then take in the view.  I hate to downplay
the Italian Stallion's major moment, but those steps are
really easy to run up--and I'm pretty out of shape these days.
Of course, I didn't run miles and miles first like he did.

Hubs had a great time with all of this.
So did every other visitor there.

Like I mentioned earlier, seeing all of this colonial style has me
thinking how I've always wanted to bring that into my home.
I don't really like to decorate so I don't mess with it much but
this has me inspired.  From a quilt perspective, I'm not really
big on those from that era but I can do some research there
and could pull out bits and pieces of ones I do like.

Yes, I'm finally getting around to our favorite topic.
The latest project around here is my grandson's I-spy quilt.

As I usually do, I made a trial block.
Now work with me here:  I'm making them in the 
Polaroid Picture style, each having a shadow, so this
is what I've come up with.

Aren't these two so cute?

I put in some good hours and ended up with 110
of these just as the sun was setting.  
Now to see what size of a quilt this will all make
after I get the "shadows" on them all.
 I have to be pretty quick about it because I need to
have this completely finished by this weekend
when my grandson turns 2.

And btw, his teensy (6lbs 8 oz) little sister arrived just fine.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said...

She is so cute! Congrats.
My daughter went to school in Philly, and my husband's family is from there, so we have hit all the spots and love so much of the architecture. Quaint streets are so nice to walk. Love the I spy quilt....get going Grandma!

Joyful Quilter said...

Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing.

I'm thinking you better hustle, 110 blocks by the weekend! Your grandson is going to have so much fun playing I Spy with all the cute fabrics.

Congrats on the new grand girl, she is adorable!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats on the newest grand. She's cute. I'm sure your grandson will love that quilt.

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