09 November 2019

Polaroid I-Spy Quilt Completed

Happy weekend!
Just stopping in quickly to share my latest finish.

The polaroid I-Spy quilt is done!
I was worried about getting it too big so I pulled
out 10 "pictures".  At 60X67, I think it's about the
perfect size for my grandson to play on.
Not great lighting--taking this at night--but I should
get a better one tomorrow at his party.

And just a quick note to any football fans out there:
this weekend's NFL pregame is being hosted at
West Point in honor of Veteran's Day!
To prep for this special edition, the crew has been
on post for several days--to everyone's excitement.

Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long joined the cadets at
lunch yesterday giving a very motivational speech and
were part of a heroic award presentation that my son,
and I'm sure the rest of the cadets, really enjoyed.

Today the entire crew was present to see Army beat UMass.
So many great pics have been shared by the Academy, 
parents and cadets but because I don't have their permission
the best I could do is steal my son's snapchat pic to share here.
I figure he's my property so that gives me the right, right?  LOL

Here in CST the NFL Pregame West Point Special starts
at 10 am tomorrow.  We're pretty excited and can't wait for
everyone, especially friends and family,
 to see and learn more about this great academy!

Happy quilting
and a special thank you to all our veterans!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Whoa....the I spy is huge! Your grandson will do more than play on it....he will make a tent fort and take it camping and lug it off to college one day! It is great.
Love Bradshaw....what a great big deal to have in the memory book.

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