07 November 2019

November, With a Finished Polaroid I-Spy Top

Good morning and happy November!

I opened up my email the other day to see that,
according to a popular retailer, "Christmas has arrived!"
Um, no it hasn't.  Not by a long shot.
I want fall to drag out for a good long time yet.
And I want to celebrate Thanksgiving!

We've had beautiful fall weather but I have been
hibernating in my sewing room nursing a lousy cold
 that I likely picked up while traveling.  Yesterday I 
vowed to get outside no matter how I felt,
knowing that the temps were dropping soon.
Just as soon as the I-Spy top was completed.

Nothing like an ultimatum.
It worked:  the top is done and I got outside to do some
yard work just as the clouds were hitting the horizon.
Good timing.
A nice big roll of white batting arrived on my porch
just yesterday morning so that was good timing as well.
I've started using more white backgrounds so it makes
sense for me to get one of those in my stash.
(If you're a "Warm" brand person, the price just dropped on
Amazon by $25 on the 90"/40ydWarm & Natural is less.)

At the risk of sounding like I'm an Amazon rep, I want
to share a favorite product of mine--if I haven't already?
 I would not be without this marking pen
in my sewing room for anything.

I use it for marking everything.  Here I'm marking where to
line up my vertical sashing pieces when sewing my rows
together--because nothing looks worse than when
sashing doesn't line straight up on your quilt.

Does it make you nervous seeing a black pen so close
to white fabric?

How about I just draw right on it!?

Remember the carpet commercial where a guest
spills something scary like red punch or wine and the
hostess says, "That's okay!"  That will never be me
with my carpet but it is me with this pen.

Because, in just one second, the tap of an iron
erases it completely.  It's absolutely magic.
(why can't they make red punch and wine like that?)
It's only advertised as an erasable pen so I never
would've thought of it for sewing but for finding
one in a quilt shop.

I noticed it gets mixed reviews for its erasability
on paper but I've used it for a year and it has
come right off of every fabric I've used it on.
The only issue I've had is when I mark things and then
for some reason decide to iron a little wrinkle or seam
and poof, it's gone.  Gotta think ahead there!

Back to the Polaroid I-Spy quilt...
Today, with the cold wind blowing outside,
makes for a good long arm day.  I didn't get an exact
measure of it but it's on the frame now.  I'd call it
a "large throw".  I have a simple design picked out so
there should be no problem getting it done today.

Now if I could just get over this cold.
Tomorrow marks day 7, and we're having company
for dinner on Saturday.  Surely it'll clear up by then?

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said...

We were just traveling too and two in our group got those nasty colds. Ugh. Hope you are feeling better now.

Love the I Spy. Those heat pens are fabulous. The only issues I have found are, like you, thinking ahead and if the quilt gets cold the design reappears. I found that out when I took my quilt to the mountains in the winter. The marks reappeared slightly, but disappeared when it warmed up. Very interesting!

Joyful Quilter said...

Your I-Spy quilt came out adorable! I like Frixion pens also. I've heard the markings can come back with cold - so don't store your quilt in the freezer ;o)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt top. I've not made an I Spy yet. I like the way you did yours.

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