12 November 2019

And So Begins...

Another project has been finished and
successfully gifted away.

Hopefully it will provide hours of entertainment
along with warmth.

With that project completed, it's time to review where I am
 at in the sewing room.  Especially now as we near the end
of another year.  It's time to finish things up.
But guess what?  Things look really good there.

I just have my Dresden that just needs quilted.
In fact, that situation is looking so good that
I'm torn between knowing I should load it up
and really wanting to start my next project.

My one on-going quilt hasn't been touched in a while
but that's alright considering it's the holiday season.
It is, after all, an on-going project.  I do think I'll bring
that out very quickly into the new year.

You know what's going to win out here, right?
Likely the new project.  Because I'm all excited about it.

I'm making this for our bed--wintery but not necessarily
Christmas.  Simple colors to match almost any room.

Here are the background options from my stash.
I really really want to use the snowflake fabric
but I'm concerned it will take too much away
from the crisp modern look of this design. 
So, today I'll be making a trial block.

My hope is that in having such a large amount of it
on the quilt, it really will settle in to the background
and just look like the light little snowflakes that they are.
The gold stars should blend well with the trunks 
of the trees if I choose a light gold-brown.

And so begins another new project.
Just for fun and just for us.
I do love making quilts for other people
but I'm really needing this one--just the
thing before the holidays officially hit.
And maybe if I decide to be good, I'll still pull
out the Dresden and get it loaded up, too.

Also before the holidays get here,  I've been choosing one
"major clean" to tackle every day before I hit the sewing room.
It's a nice, manageable way to knock things off the list
and I typically get them done quicker knowing
it's cutting into my quilting time!
Yesterday's was the pantry, today's is the fridge so off I go!

And then one trial block coming up!
Happy quilting!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What cuties on that quilt. He loves it!

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