05 October 2019

The Day I Bought 47 Yards of Fabric

Another shop hop is in the books.
This year's might always stand apart as
The Year of 47 Yards of Fabric
because that just has to be a record, and
I doubt I ever will repeat it.
I had my mind made up this was gonna be a good year.
And so it was.

We had perfect shop hopping weather.
Cool and rainy--fall-ish and inspirational.
I didn't take pics everywhere this year but I did grab some
of our first stop as it was a new one to the hop, and to me.

A fun little shop only 45 mins south of Wichita,
it's definitely worth a stop if you're in the area.
There is large room in back for cutting, classes,
batting and clearance.  I also heard the familiar sound of
a long arm at work coming from up the stairs.

On to the hop.  Before I get to my finds haul,
here are some quilts that really stood out to me:

I seem to be all about smaller pieces this year
and I love love the one above.  I wish I'd taken
the time to get a more clear pic, and to find out
the info on this one.

These were SUPER tiny! 
(I left the light switch in the pic for size reference.)
Clearly I'm going to need to do a mini soon.

This one just rocks the ombre in that border.

Oh, 9-patch, when will I ever get you made?

Here's one I always see mixed in with the upside-down
trees and I have to say I really like it this way better.
And in these colors instead of the usual winter/Christmas.
Not a new quilt but I wanted to remember this version.

Ok, if you're really into the artsy quilts,
these are for you.  I don't know that I ever want to,
or could, do this but I very much appreciate the
talent and work in these!

These are at my LQS and they're offering classes.
Maybe some day, though not a priority right now.
But these are so amazing to look at study!

Ok, on to my fabric acquisition!

Remember the shirts my shop hop buddy and I 
were wearing?  I was serious about that bolt thing.

I came home with SIX bolts!  Plus more yardage.
My purchases are in the top half of the above pic; in the
front is my Dresden-Chain quilt top, recently finished, for
some reference to what I'm so excited about.

I was hoping to find a suitable backing for that quilt
but, really, what are the chances that I would actually
find Bonnie and Camille fabric on the clearance rack? 

The owner said she just put them there.  Score for me!
They are a previous line but they still match my
quilt exactly.  The gray floral above will be the backing and
the pink will be the binding.  The gray could be considered
my 7th bolt but I plan on using it just as soon as I grab
a new roll of white batting (ack! I'm out!) so
I didn't want to have them to take the time to roll it back up.

These three are going into my stash for the next
quilt I'm making with the rest of that full FQ set I won. 
(that middle is navy btw--still very dark and rainy here)

And here is a bolt of 7+ yards backing for that next quilt.
More Bonnie and Camille.

I'm still amazed at my find.  What luck!
I even made a separate section on my shelf
to enjoy till I get around to making that next one,
which will probably happen next spring.

Another amazing find is that white on white to the left.
(4.5+ yards)
That's also something that's never on clearance
and I love to have it on hand for a background.

The middle (4+ yds) kept speaking fall leaves to me.  
All those colors with this as a background!  I can't wait to get
that one started but I have another quilt
ahead of it, plus two quilts needing quilting.

And the snowflakes?

That will be a backing/piecing for whatever I make
with this above previous-bolt-purchase that I still
oooh and ahhh over whenever I look at it.
(8 yards)

I had seen this bolt twice before and finally just
pulled the trigger on it.  I just kept envisioning a quilt in only
these colors on a white background.  With 10 yards,
plenty for piecing, a border and backing.

I feel like I scored big time with all of these being
$5-6yd.  Yes, 47 yards of fabric purchased all in one day!  
That seems enough to keep me out of the shops
for quite some time which is just fine!
I'm so ready to hibernate in my sewing room all
fall and winter!

In case you're wondering what the hubs' reaction was?
He just laughed and said I was crazy.
Maybe so.  Maybe so.

Happy fall quilting!  


Joyful Quilter said...

I'm thinking you had way too fun. Nice score!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've only seen white on white in the clearance section one time (yes, I bought it). You can never have too much background fabrics. Enjoy your new fabrics.

Debbie said...

Whoa....lol. You really had a good trip! I have bought lots of fabric but now all in one day, so we will give you applause for catching the deals, stealing a few specials, and planning a few biggie quilts! Thanks for making the rest of us look good as we buy fat quarters:)

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