Quilting, Quilting, Quilting

I spent the last two days with my long-arm,
completely finishing not one but two quilts!
Quilted, bound and labeled.
I would love to get both of these outside for
better lighting but it's windy and hot.
(Fall cannot come too soon.)

Pooh and Me

Coloring is still a little off but the above is
the closest I could get to true colors that
really are soft and cheery.

30's Sampler

Two finishes already for September.
I'm off and running.

And not a single tension issue or thread break
the entire time!  So, first thing, after all that glorious,
stress-free quilting, I ordered more Gutermann
thread because it makes my machine, and me,
veerrry happy.  
My second and only other choice is Coats & Clark.
There may be others out there but I'm not willing
to do any more research.
And the next thing I did?  I cancelled the tune-up.

I think this puts me at 8 completed quilts for
2019 but I have so much more planned yet
before the year is up.

Maybe I'll revisit the tuneup issue after Christmas
but right now I've already got my rotary cutter
going on another baby quilt--more on that later.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
Beautiful! Love the sampler and the wonderful red running thru it. The baby quilt is great too. Isn't it funny how some machine will only sew well with certain threads? No explaining it either. I am an Aurifil thread lover....even on the Featherweight.
Guterman is the thread I use most. I also use Coats & Clark. Nice quilt finishes!