11 September 2019

It's Time for Autumn Fabrics and Colors!

It's still pretty hot warm (thinking positive) but
things are slightly changing (if you squint) so
 naturally that puts autumn on the brain.

I started on the fall quilting by tearing through
my fabrics...which lead to cleaning out my
fabric hutch...which lead to reorganizing
 the big wall big shelf...
and two or three hours later, after successfully
diverting a full closet clean-out, I actually
achieved an organized fabric stash.
(Not including bolts and fat quarters)

That top shelf is pretty crammed still.

 I've been concerned about cutting back the stash to
make room for my shop hop finds but it turns out that
there were just a lot of fabrics just over-folded.
As in, folded too small.
💡Lightbulb! 💡
It also turns out that if you re-fold a lot of your fabric,
you'll suddenly have a lot more room!
I really recommend quilting away your fabric
for freeing up space, but this works too. 😉
If you have a serious shopping trip coming up
why not do both??

Joking aside, here's my next project.
This pattern but in rich fall colors
So out came all the fabrics.

It is so helpful to go through one's fabric
at least several times a year.
In doing this, I discover what I'm low in, what I need
to stop buying, how my tastes are changing, etc.

Anyway, having played add, subtract, add, add, subtract
and so on till I arrived at the above collection of 23 fabrics
(I added a black in later so 24)
I still felt like this wasn't going to make much of a dent.
I'm really liking this collection (tho I'd like another
red and blue in there) so why not cut TWO quilts out
at once!?  Now we're getting somewhere!

I had so much fun making this quilt I'm going to make another.
It's really rare that happens, btw.
"So many quilts, so little time" and all that.

The rotary cutter was soon flying and I now have 'em
both going.  This knocked off about 7.5 yds of color fabrics;
add about 10 to 12 yds of ivories/backgrounds and borders
and THAT is some pretty good stash busting going on.
I also have backing for possibly both; it's not the best
match-up but it works.

Let the piecing begin!
Okay, clearly by the pic it already has.
Let the piecing continue!

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said...

Love your fabric choices. I've been craving a fall quilt lately too. Looks like you are going to be busy for a while, have fun!

(I like sorting and re-organizing my fabrics a couple times a year. It just never lasts very long. First new quilt and BAM there's the mess again, hehehe.)

Debbie said...

We always have more than we think and rarely exactly what we want.....or so it goes in my closet. Love your fall color picks, as always.

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