08 August 2019

Rainy Day Quilt Check-In

A quick check-in on this rainy morning.
I have all the Dresden circles completed;
today, after some time on the long-arm, I'll be
working on setting them onto their blocks.

I have one completed but I'm not quite happy with the
center circle so I've adjusted, cutting it a little larger
to give me more fabric to work with while pressing it 
into a smoother edge.  

I only have a fat quarter of that plaid so I was
trying to be conservative but I think I'm still okay.  A little
more overhang/seam should help to hide the
dark fabric of the petal bases showing through as well.

There is no mention of trimming out any of the fabric
under the Dresden to reduce bulk so I guess I won't. 

I have about an hour left of quilting on DS's but it has been
a tension issue from the get-go.  (Yes, again!)
Finally discovered the tiny spring
inside the bobbin case was off by 1/16" causing it to 
"bow" and put more pressure on the bobbin than necessary.
Fortunately, the tension issue only shows on the back;
I can only hope the stitches settle once I take it off
the frame...and maybe even more upon washing.
The crazy delicate balance of the mechanics of the
 long arm never ceases to amaze me.

Happy quilting, and may your tension always be balanced!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry about the tension issues. Never fun. Cute Dresden's.

Debbie said...

The Dresdens look good and I love the center fabric you are using. You could use a light backing fabric on the centers to hide the show thru darks. Have you tried the turned edge for the center appliques....https://thecraftyquilter.com/2012/04/turned-edge-applique-tutorial-may-day-basket-part-2/
Tension changes every day like we do....thread weather, humidity, fabric. Just take your pick ....sorry no help.

Needled Mom said...

The Dresdens are so pretty.

Tension issues with the longarms are such a nightmare. There are so many variables with stitching on them. I hope it all works out "in the wash".

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