Quilt Top Reveal

We're getting an incredible reprieve from the triple-digit
temps right now.  Waking up to 60 degrees in the morning
is. awesome.  Makes me want fall.  Now.

As DS heads into the last half of BEAST I'm
working a little harder to get this quilt completed.
No last-minute cramming is my motto!

The borders are on, the backing made
 and it's being loaded onto the frame for quilting.
(What do you think?  Black thread?  Dark Gray?)

80 X 64

I'm thinking about labeling it with something like
"Slayed It--BEAST 2023" referring to the phrase
"Slay the BEAST" used to encourage the new cadets.
I know this quilt radiates out nicely but the symbolism
for DS works from the outside to the "goal" in the center.

The red border signifies reporting to the
Cadet in the Red Sash on R-Day--just the beginning
of the intensity.  The stars signify the various training
exercises and skills mastered like rifle qualification,
field navigation, hand grenades, chemical training
(including experiencing tear gas!),
casualty care, mountaineering and so on.

Around week 5 the new cadets spend a couple days
and nights hiking out to Camp Buckner where they stay
for more training.  This is shown by the log cabin blocks.

The finale to BEAST is the grueling 12-mile hike back,
 known as March Back, but this time it's all in one day,
and each is still carrying all his/her equipment 
and gear not to mention wearing heavy fatigues
in that summer heat.  It is reported that
they return completely exhausted, especially after
the odd sleeping (or lack thereof) conditions at camp.

But they also return with a great sense of triumph.
The BEAST has been slayed and they may now
be accepted fully into the academy on A-Day.
Thus the star in the middle.

Think I got enough meaning into this one?

Happy Quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Definitely lots of meaning! I vote for dark gray. The quilt is fantastic, very striking and meaningful design.
Debbie said…
Absolutely! It is very powerful in visual impact and meaning. The cooler morning temps are so nice here too. At least for a few days:)
I think it's GREAT.
xx, Carol
I think you covered it all with that quilt.