Mid-2019 Check-Point

2019 is hitting its half-way point.
How's your quilt year looking?
So far, along with finishing the last five of my monthly
banners, I've completed three large queen quilts...

(all links can be found in the 2019 tab unless listed)

...and 2 lap quilts.


I think it's gone well enough considering
all that's gone on around this crazy but fun place.

Today I'm looking ahead to the rest of the year
and seeing that it's going to be a real mix of
very busy, not busy, very busy, not busy...and so on.

There will be 3 trips to West Point (NY), 2 trips
to Creighton (NE), a new grand baby arriving and
the hubs will go to New Zealand again.
There will also be a trip (or two) to MSQC
and of course, the annual Shop Hop.
After all of these, it will be time for the holidays.
All of that will keep me hopping but in the time between,
I'll be empty-nestin' it so hopefully I'll still get time to fit
all of the projects I have planned for the remainder of 2019.

 Make quilt for New Cadet DS
(will require visits/road trips to quilt shops)

Join in the Let's Stay Home QAL.
(A big "maybe"-- due to travel, I'll be late to the party.)
Let's Stay Home Quilt Along

Finish 1930's quilt



Yearly Fall Quilt

Baby quilt for granddaughter arriving late October
(no design chosen yet)

Finish Scrappy Mini-Blocks Quilt, or just get a significant
amount done, depending on how big I decide to go.

Fall birthday gifts, incl an I-Spy quilt and Christmas gifts

maybe--just MAYBE--start that Farmer's Wife Quilt and
those red/white and blue/white holiday quilts.

Book Goals
My current read is a whopping 1600+ pages:

(I just have to read at least one huge book a year!)
Sitting at 10 books, it's not looking like I'll reach my goal of
thirty but travel does afford a lot of reading time so we'll see.
While I sew I'm still listening to The Old Curiosity Shop
by Dickens--when I'm caught up on my podcast listening, that is.
With all these projects, maybe I'll get a few more audio books in?

It's an agressive list to be sure but I think it'll help me
transition into the empty nest thing.   In giving advice to those
of us getting ready to go through the 60-second goodbye--and
praying we hold it together (yeah, right)--One West Point mom 
suggested focusing on a project(s) to start when back home,
just things to look forward to.  I loved reading this because I
felt a little guilty when planning on doing just that.
All moms have said there is no wrong way to deal with that
whole day.  You just do what you have to to get through it.
(read this as: plea for prayers!)

But, anyhoo, back home, the house won't be so still
with the sewing and quilting machines flying, right?

The way 2019 is flying, the family will all 
be back for the holidays before we know it.

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Wow you have been busy and will be busy. Other than the move to Oregon, I'm more of a lets see what the day brings kinda person...although I do have a few lists, I feel like they are guidelines, not goals (hehehe, it's a wonder I get anything done). Good luck with all your projects, hopefully your empty nest won't feel too empty.
Congrats on the granddaughter to be. Our grandson is due in August.
Debbie said…
What a list ....what a lot accomplished! You have had a very big year so far with so much to come. Take a moment to breathe it all in and savor the moments. Congrats on the new grandbaby!