23 June 2019

A Short Vacay and Sashing Added to 30's

The sashing is on and the 30's quilt is taking shape.

But first...
What would summer be without a little vacation time?
This past week we spent a few days at Lake Taneycomo
in Missouri where our whole family was able to enjoy fishing,
boating, swimming and a little shopping; in the evenings,
after everyone helped with dinner, we enjoyed
a couple movies and a lot of board games.

A little evening fishing off the dock

The way our family is growing and spreading out,
we thought we'd better get in some quality lake time.
It might be a while before we are able to do it again.

Back home, after catching up on the gardening and all
(okay, let's be honest--it's never "caught up" till late fall!)
I finished putting the sashing on my 30's quilt.

We're getting yet another rainstorm so I have to settle
for a rather drab photo again so, for reference,
here's a close-up of my sashing fabric:

And the chain fabric: 

I'm mulling over ideas of how to finish this off.
It's only 46X63 so I have plenty of room to have some
fun with the borders.  Perhaps some scrappy flying geese or,
as one commenter suggested, piano keys. But for now,
I'm going to set it aside to get a good start on my next quilt.

discovered that DS can take a quilt with him, but not
till after Beast.  He does have a fleece blanket to take but
he seemed a little disappointed to not be taking his
West Point quilt.  SO, setting my Dresden plans aside,
I have 6 to 7 weeks to get a twin-sized quilt made to
take back up in August as a surprise. 

He likes log cabins with a star in the center
so I found this quilt for inspiration:

Star Medallion by Darlene Pierce
Stitch Lines Blog

I was thinking of including West Point colors again
but also some basic army or even just manly
colors so I sketched this out on the program.

I can't figure out how to get the fabrics into the center star
but I'm working on it.  The outer stars in the original quilt
are smaller within the blocks, which I definitely prefer.
Again, this is just a "sketch" to get an idea.
I don't think I'd have put browns with grays without seeing
them in this pic but I think they all really work...provided I
can find the right shades.  I know I'll have to hit more than
one shop (oh darn!)  but I do have some fabrics already.
It's a start.

Happy quilting!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We were close this past week (Missouri). Great pattern you are drawing up. I like the quilt top so far (30's).

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